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“The staff didn’t even know”… British Prime Minister marries 23-year-old younger by surprise

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson secretly married his fiancee. It has been 199 years since the local British Prime Minister was married while in office, and there are criticisms that Boris Lee held the wedding in a surprise after a political crisis caused by a close-up exposure.

This is Jeong-Hyun Jeong.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson is married,” said the British Prime Minister’s Office one day after the wedding.

Prime Minister Johnson married his fiancée Carrie Simmons at Westminster Cathedral on the 29th, attended by 30 guests.

After being engaged to Simmons, who is 23 years younger than him, at the end of 2019, 56-year-old Johnson lives with the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street.

It was 199 years after Sir Liverpool in 1822 that the incumbent British Prime Minister was married while he was in office, and this is the third wedding of Prime Minister Johnson himself.

The wedding took place six days after the news that “Prime Minister Johnson sent a wedding invitation to his acquaintances saying that the wedding was scheduled to be held in July next year.”

Even high-ranking staff in the Prime Minister’s Office were unaware of the schedule, and criticism has come about whether Prime Minister Johnson, who was in a political crisis, used his wedding to drive public opinion.

Prime Minister Johnson has recently been in a strait with showing signs of a re-spreading of the mutant virus in the UK and a close close to Johnson’s uneasy response to Corona 19 last year.

On the 26th, former Prime Minister Dominic Cummings, former Prime Minister’s Chief Aide, who was Prime Minister Johnson’s right arm on the 26th, attended the House of Commons and criticized Johnson for nearly seven hours.

A Labor MP also criticized Johnson’s marriage as “a good way to ask for bad news.”


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