The State Council has determined that measures to strengthen the protection of fiscal expenditures on people’s livelihood will provide full protection for education, pensions, medical care, subsistence allowances, and housing guarantees in accordance with expenditure responsibilities_ 东方

According to Xinhua News Agency

Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council hosted the State Council Executive on November 6meeting, Determined to strengthenfinancialMeasures to ensure people’s livelihood expenditures enhance the sense of gain and sustainability of policies that benefit the people; deploy in-depth patriotic health campaigns in conjunction with the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in winter and the prevention of other diseases.

The meeting pointed out that since this year, the epidemic has affected low-income groups.CrowdsourcingIncluding migrant workers, poor households, flexibleEmploymentThe employment, income, and life of personnel, etc. have a greater impact.All regions and departments conscientiously implement the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, drastically reduce government expenditures, and increase basic people’s livelihood security. Pensions and pensions per capita in the first three quartersYear-on-yearAn increase of 8.7%,societyRelief and subsidies increased by 12.9% per capita. Under the special difficult circumstances of the epidemic, the basic people’s livelihood was preserved and people’s hearts were stabilized.In the next step, we must persist in doing our best and doing our best, and gradually improve the guarantee andimprovePeople’s livelihood level. The first is to give priority to the protection of people’s livelihood expenditure in budget arrangements, and ensure that the unified people’s livelihood policy issued by the state is guaranteed.Implement the central government andLocal financePower and expenditureresponsibilityDivide the reform requirements, and provide full guarantee for education, old-age care, medical care, subsistence allowances, housing security and other livelihood matters according to expenditure responsibilities. The second is to improve the system of people’s livelihood.Establish a long-term effect of direct access to people’s livelihood fundsmechanism, To ensure that funds reach the beneficiaries accurately and directly.Basically in the countryPublic ServiceBased on the list, combined with actual exploration to establish a list of people’s livelihood expendituresmanagementThe system will be piloted in the fields of education and medical insurance and gradually expand its scope. The third is to enhance the sense of acquisition and sustainability of policies that benefit the people.It is necessary to take the initiative to speed up the shortcomings of people’s livelihood, and to ensure that people’s livelihood expenditures are coordinated with economic development andfinancial resourcesMatch the situation to prevent divorced from reality and eat food.It is strictly forbidden to implement beyondplanningAnd financial resources. The fourth is to intensify supervision. If the implementation of the people’s livelihood policy is not in place or sustainable, it is necessary to urge prompt corrections. Those who withhold embezzlement or arbitrage people’s livelihood funds must be seriously investigated and accountable. The fifth is to insist on the government’s tight life, resolutely reduce general expenditures, and focus the saved funds on people’s livelihood, especially to solve people’s livelihood problems, and increase the protection of the people in difficulties.

The meeting pointed out that the patriotic health movement has played an important role in promoting and protecting people’s health, and it must be constantly grasped.Winter is an important time to carry out the patriotic health campaign, and relevant departments must promotejobs, The current patriotic health campaign and the prevention and control of winter epidemics, influenza and otherpopularCombine disease prevention and treatment. First, we must do a good job in the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic in winter. Maintain good practices such as frequent hand washing, indoor ventilation, and sharing of meals, and implement requirements such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing according to prevention and control needs.Summarize the prevention and control experience, scientifically study and judge the epidemic situation, improve the emergency plan for the prevention and control of clustered epidemics, and strengthen epidemic preventionSuppliesGuarantee, rationally deploy prevention and control forces such as distribution, detection, and treatment, and seek truth from facts, and release information in an open and transparent manner. At the same time, do a good job of preventing flu and other common diseases. Second, we must comprehensively promote the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environmental sanitation.FocusAgricultural Market, Small restaurants, old communities, urban-rural fringe and other key places and weak links, continue to do a good job in environmental sanitation management to eliminate the breeding environment of disease-causing organisms. Third, we must strengthen the construction of public health facilities and treatment facilities such as garbage and sewage, and severely crack down on disorderly discharge. Improve medical waste and sewage treatment.Four to guidepublicDevelop good hygiene habits, advocate a healthy lifestyle, promote smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, moderate exercise, reasonable diet, and develop healthyKnowledgePopularize science, incorporate health education into the national education system, improve public health literacy and national health, and promote the construction of a healthy China.

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