This will be done in agreement with the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and the professional council. Persons with COVID-19 should no longer have a mandatory five-day home isolation from March 20. ÚVZ spokeswoman Daša Račková informed about this in a press release.

According to ÚVZ, for example, the neighboring Czech Republic is also moving in this direction. The disease does not currently require mandatory isolation due to the currently circulating variants and the proportion of people who have overcome COVID-19 or have been fully vaccinated. According to ÚVZ, COVID-19 thus reaches the level of other acute respiratory diseases, in which people protect themselves with regard to their own health, but also to protect vulnerable groups.

The decree on covering the upper respiratory tract will not be canceled for the time being. Currently, according to ÚVZ, it is still justified. “We still have a relatively high incidence of acute respiratory diseases,” said the spokeswoman of the ÚVZ. Mandatory proper covering of the upper respiratory tract with a respirator continues to apply to personnel of medical and social facilities when in contact with clients and patients, visitors to medical and social facilities, patients in waiting rooms and doctor’s surgeries or customers of pharmacies.