​The statute of limitations has passed… Police reject claims of sexual favors by former CEO Lee Jun-seok

Regarding the allegation that former People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok received sexual favors, the police concluded that there was no right to prosecute.

The anti-corruption and public crime investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced on the 20th that it has decided to dismiss the allegations involving former CEO Lee. This is because the 7 year statute of limitations for mediation under the Serious Punishment for Certain Offenses Act has already passed and cannot be prosecuted.

Former CEO Lee has been accused of receiving various forms of entertainment until around 2015, including two sex payments in 2013. The Garosero Research Institute, which raised such suspicions, filed a complaint against Lee in December last year.

IKAIST CEO Kim Seong-jin, who was accused of providing sexual favors to Lee, also claimed that Lee received money and entertainment, including sexual favors, and arranged a meeting with former President Park Geun-hye in return.

The police also acquitted Kim of the claim that he gave a Chuseok gift worth 200,000 won to Lee in September 2015. Holiday gifts are given for the purpose of ‘maintaining relationships’, so it is difficult to apply the ‘comprehensive crime’ considered is an offense with previous entertainment.

However, investigations are expected into the allegations that former Chairman Lee tried to dispel the allegation of sexual harassment by former party leader Kim Cheol-geun, and the prosecution of former Chairman Lee’s innocence by Kang Shin-up, Kim’s lawyer, continues. .

Former People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok leaves the court after completing an inquiry on the suspension of the effect of the People’s Power Party constitution held at the Seoul South District Court in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul on the 14th. [사진=국회사진기자단]

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