Home News The stepmother complained that Phiyada was deceived by her boyfriend’s family. Working honestly, selling clothes, paying taxes of 4 million per year

The stepmother complained that Phiyada was deceived by her boyfriend’s family. Working honestly, selling clothes, paying taxes of 4 million per year

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The stepmother complained that Phiyada was deceived by her boyfriend’s family. Revealing a crying child through a prison cell – telling the truth Working honestly, selling clothes, paying taxes of 4 million per year

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In the case of Miss Phiyada, 19 years old, a female online seller Phonebymint IG account owner who is identified as a scammer selling mobile phones to “Nong Kong”, a 14-year-old boy in Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai province. before taking the money away Until causing Nong Kong stressed until the blood vessels in the brain burst and died. Was issued an arrest warrant by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court for fraud and offenses Computer Act Recently referred to travel with a lawyer. turned himself in at the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Headquarters ready to deny all allegations

The trending program on 29 September 64, “Young Kanchai KammutPloy” as a moderator. Produced in the name of Dee Kwan Dee One Company Limited, broadcast every Monday – Friday at 12.35 pm on Channel 3, press number 33, interview with Ploy, Mo, Chaba Kaew Baitphiyada, which comes with “Lawyer James Nitithorn Kaewto”

Is the lawyer following this matter?
Lawyer James: Stay tuned, I’ve looked at how he circumvented the law. quite complicated There is a technique to dodge IP.

believe that people like Piyada are not alone in the country There are many criminals doing this in Thailand. take as a parable Avoid shopping and get scammed. Ploy after the show Did you see that someone called to threaten you?
Ploy : Yes, I gathered the normal victims and suddenly called in my personal cell phone. said to be a victim Can you help me? Then he said that he didn’t know what he was planning to do but just stop. He told me to stop collecting. He said that if you’re thinking about doing something, stop. At that time, I kept collecting the victims. I asked if the injured person was inconvenient, what should I do? He told me to fight on my own. Why be troubled instead?

What did he tell him?
Ploy : He said he was a police officer. But it’s not. Mom and I consulted on how to do it. We weren’t sure if he was right or not, so we stopped collecting as he said before. Then discuss with the house that we can help the victim. Let’s continue. Don’t worry about him.

I brought the name to James. is a list of victims I want you to see how much The list is a liver that the younger brother brought to it. It’s a lot. It may be more than 500. In this case, it has a name, a surname, and has its own account number, the bank, the name of the scammer, most of them are repeated and different. It’s the name of the person who open an account How did you come?
Ploy : There was a victim who cooperated with me that he got it here and sent it to me.

Chaba Kaew after leaving the show?
Chaba Kaew: There are people to support. and help with a small snack But we haven’t gotten better. because he denied all the allegations. which I think he did. and not alone I want him to blame Not to deny this. We are very difficult. We plan to bring the phone to increase the income. I don’t think it will be like this I didn’t think he would do this.

After hearing the news, he was caught?
Ploy: I’m very glad that he came and surrendered himself. But he was worried that he denied all the allegations. I don’t think he’s doing it alone.

Nong Mo, a bunch of garland, one hundred to five thousand, get 5 thousand. Poor mother went to work to make money for her child, another 3,000 is gone?
Mo : Yes, now I am going to file a petition to claim my rights at the Pathumwan Police Station. Glad he got caught I don’t want him to be released on bail because someone died and 500 other people were injured. But the other 500 people who are still alive are like dead. I want all 500 people back.

Do you hope to get it back?
Mo: 50-50 because there are a lot of victims. Many people came to see me as well. he wants it back

Ploy: I’d rather have him be prosecuted than get his money back because of the high number of victims.

Do you worry that he denies all the allegations?
Mo: I’m worried. Evidence like this shouldn’t be denied. I want him to be arrested I want to live in prison I don’t want to get bail

How did the lawyer look, he denied all the allegations?
Lawyer : Preliminary rights of accused or defendant in criminal cases You can give whatever you want. will not testify at all Because his testimony was used as evidence in the court. How tight will the evidence be gathered? especially in finance two phone connections internet connection Or the mobile network that will link to whom? Who owns the mobile number?

He said he didn’t know Nong Kong, a 14-year-old boy who died. How can this be proven?
Lawyer: Learn like this. People who are deceived don’t need to talk to Phiyada. But Phiyada is the co-host? Is there a division of duties? If the duties are divided and act according to the agreement, and it is considered to be responsible for all Even if you don’t talk to him Another interesting thing is that he follows the financial line. Nong Kong transfers money to a participant in the process. and the participant conveyed to another person This is between the doer and the other person. This is important. How will they be connected? This section may require a statement. The perpetrators of this crime and Who are the participants in the process? How to divide duties, where to give cash to withdraw if account is blocked I know I’ve been scammed he went to report Ask the police to freeze the account The account will no longer be available. This is why he has 10-20 backup accounts, just in case it gets blocked. And these 500+ victims, do you know how many days it took? It’s only 4 days from 18-21 August.

The number of victims is huge, definitely more than 500?
Attorney James: The incident took place on August 18-21 this year.

and did not phone Did not get a refund?
Lawyer James : Thai people, when the money is low, they don’t want to file a complaint, go report it, and the police don’t dismiss the case, the police are not the court, they go and report them. And most importantly, the money must be frozen in the account first. wrong in order not to be deceived by others. Then the money in the account can be leaked to the principal or other criminals.

Do you think he might have a participant in the movement?
Attorney James: I believe there is, in a process like this. It can’t do it alone. Come on, take the time to answer it four days before five hundred people. Which account number again How do you switch? From experience, these people will have a group of admins answering the phone. Waiting for Line to send account numbers to deceive the victim into transferring money When there is one admin Two groups go find a bank account, deceive, hire, and borrow a bank account to use for this again.

The police think like a lawyer. In the morning, he invited the tactician, 45 years old, his real father, Phiyada. Police seized 700,000 baht and checked 4 mobile phones this morning, including a backpack, a mobile phone, 700,000 baht, all seized by the police this morning, her biological father and stepmother Phii. Da said he would take this money to bail. and confirmed that it was his father’s personal money Not about Phiyada How can the police hold it? But is that what the police have to do?
Lawyer James : That’s right. Most of the cases like this money laundering will claim to be income in good faith. Two is an old treasure given to me by my parents. or claiming to have won the lottery, rich numbers or something else to avoid the money seized as gray money

In line with Khun Nam, stepmother Phiyada Cared for since childhood?
Nam: No, we’re here to take care of you. We know the brother and father about the case. we see and regret He came to bond with us

Do you believe that your child is the one who did this?
Nam : I don’t believe it. Explain to me that in the first case, we know the problem and what is the problem with the child? we got it right So we contacted the Revenue Department. to ask for tax on the business of the younger brother We are accountants for young people from 60 to the present. We have filed taxes for almost 4 million baht.

Do you have a personal account?
Water: Yes, but it’s already frozen.

How much money is in the account?
Water : At the time of sequestration, there were over 7,000 baht.

Not sure where the money went?
Water: I wonder why? because we have proof of trade When we go to pay taxes, we must have documents that clear the expenses. We have proof to deduct expenses. The mother was sure that the younger sister did not do it.

And who do you think did?
Nam: This is what my sister told her mother. Mom and dad never knew what the sister was hiding. Until today, my boyfriend’s house comes to curse my brother. Punch reveals that everything over there does everything. His parents’ house Here’s a quote from Punx.

Aren’t you afraid that he will sue?
Water: Sue, sue. It was Pance who said it.

Said that that house was the one who made it. what did he do Sell ​​your phone?
Nam: Punch said that Punch didn’t do anything. That house is the one who made it. Whenever you want to transfer something, transfer it. The expenses in Punx’s house were also paid. The money his children spend each day Our son actually takes care of him. And what is wrong with our son to look after him? Everything you say

Phiyada fan car?
Nam : It’s Punz. Punch bought it for me. Age 17. My boyfriend’s mother said that Punch has to build himself. I will transfer it back to Punch. Punch will buy it.

Did your mother tell you that she was going to use the money back?
Water: If it’s not true, sue me.

How about home?
Nam: Nong Punch went out for 2 million. He borrowed money from his relatives for 4 million and gave Punch to the person he borrowed every month.

But Piyada only has 7 thousand in his account?
Nam: No, he has something else. But Punch is a smart one. Don’t tell this house at all. Mother dared to speak with her mouth

Where did all the punch’s money go, the remaining 7 thousand?
Nam: Well, the National Anti-Corruption Commission has frozen the account, probably 7 thousand.

All of a sudden, you used the money to buy a car for your girlfriend, buy a house, the rest of the money?
Nam: We have evidence, but we let him talk.

Is there any more money?
Nam : There is. Ask if it’s a lot, we can’t tell. But we have evidence of innocence. He didn’t know that Punch existed.

Where did Punch get the money from?
Nam : I sell stuff. Clothes are sold. Mobile phones are not sold anymore. Sold out a long time ago

How about this 42 million?
Water: What’s this 42 million? Bring some evidence.

He said it was a savings account?
Nam: When connecting 20 graphics accounts, I asked if it was Punz’s account name. If you say that Punch is an open person Asking if the person who allows it to open is wrong.

Wrong, but he exchanged 8 thousand?
Nam: That’s it, why did you throw it at Punch? Why didn’t the other side do anything?

Have you ever thought that the mother’s children may transfer money to other people?
Nam : Was deceived. Childhood. He loves it very much. Never reveals anything. hide it all the time Parents asked, never spoke. Until today, he was the one who spoke out. Until today, Punch is in jail. Punch said that person did it all. (Crying) Why did he do this to Punch? he cried with his mother

On the side of Punch’s girlfriend, he insisted that there was no involvement. How did he tell his mother to accuse him?
Nam : It’s okay, we’ll go to the next one for sure. Say it, it’s okay.

When Punch was 16, he used to hurt a friend, you know?
Nam: That one, friends must lean in front of each other.

Is there a lawsuit?
Nam: I told you about the birth case. If our child is wrong, come and show it to us. Wrong is wrong. We will know how wrong our child is. How bad is it? But if you can only keep your mouth open we do not see with eyes How do we know that our children are bad? Parents are all mothers. We love you already we have to see with our own eyes

Now, do you think that you might transfer money to sell your mobile phone to other people?
Water: no

Who’s 7 hundred thousand baht this morning that I went to seize?
Nam: I’ll show it to the police. Just went to ask for documents. It’s money selling products in shopee. Shopping, transferred to the police. Take it.

And a cell phone?
Water: He took them all.

How many machines?
Water: Two fathers one machine mom one lawyer

Is there any punch?
water : none

What did the seven hundred thousand dollars do?
Nam: Take it to bail the punch.

Someone said it was a penny given to parents?
Nam: I’ll take the evidence to the police. will know that it is the money that the punch has given or we withdraw from the company

Mom was going to say about selling second-hand phones. Related to the fan?
Nam : Punch told me. The best person to answer this question is Punch. because he was at home over there whatever Over there and Punch are the ones who know best.

Why did Punch tell mom? But don’t tell the police.?
Water: When Punz was caught We didn’t watch the news, but as of today we have watched the news. How do you think it’s open? The eyes are bright Punch had spoken. Being a child is loving it. It’s deaf and blind.

Mom was saying that Punch’s money was given to him. Or over there, they sell second-hand phones?
Nam : Listen carefully. We will accuse anyone that they are selling second-hand. Mother is not 100% sure. But Punch was the one who spoke.

Did punch say that that house sells second-hand phones to other people?
Nam : Punch told me.

Punch gave his own money to that house too?
Water: That’s right. If you want to be fair, you need to check that house too. Then you will know for yourself who did it or lied. must check all

Let’s go big already?
Attorney James : Mrs. Phiyada He listened to information from Nong Phiyada again. This mouth he called the witness. I don’t know what to see just heard the news But to link a little bit is that he said that he is the accountant for the younger He said he sells clothes, right? The way to check is that the police will check both sides. Who are the parents on both sides? The Anti-Corruption Law has the power to check everyone’s account numbers. property inspection NACC inspects all Financial Path Check everyone. Now it’s frozen too. Who is it that is money laundering? It doesn’t mean that he did. If involved in money laundering gray and make it white Criminal offenses have all been committed.

like a bomber That Punch himself said that his girlfriend’s house sells second-hand phones. A portion of Punx’s honest trade was all transferred to him?
Attorney James: It sounds counterintuitive. when the other side sells phones What was the need for Punx to bring the money to him? listen and contradict but say anything The police might not listen. The police mainly looked at the evidence he could find. financial path Evidence of internet use

Where did all the money come from? Clearly show income?
Lawyer James : That’s right, the Anti-Corruption Commission is responsible for checking. This money is suspected of being the result of wrongdoing. which in the case of defrauding the public is in one of those foundations as well He will freeze first. The seized people will come to oppose. If it comes from honest income, show it.

Turn on the fan-pun sound clip for justice?
Fan Punch: I don’t know this time, I already knew last time. He promised not to do it again. I always trust when encountering such an event The staff came to notify I didn’t know he had done it before, before being arrested. If he did, I would have done it. because I had already given him a chance. last round was bad This round is heavier than the last round.

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