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The auxiliary customs clearance “plug-in” 5 yuan to 30 yuan “Sheep and Sheep” has become a “wool screw” artifact.

Open Taobao and search for “sheep for sheep”, and there are countless “plug-in” products such as “sheep for sheep support”, “sheep for sheep source code”, and “sheep for sheep for fighting”. In addition to these, derivatives such as “Sheep Got a Sheep” mahjong, cards, and pendant have also appeared one after the other; on short videos like Douyin, various anchors in the live broadcast room also play “Sheep Got a Sheep” live.

“Daily Economic News” reporter spent 17 yuan to buy the experience. After installing the relevant patch, enter the game from the computer, and the props below can be used indefinitely, which reduces difficulty the game is great. After using the props several times, customs clearance is smooth.

When gray products and derivatives “on behalf of the brush” appeared one after another, “The Sheep” was gradually fading in the capital market. Selection data shows that between September 19th and September 21st, the stock price of Gigabit (SH603444, stock price 253.02 yuan, market value 18.2 billion yuan), the investment company behind “The Sheep”, fell for three days in successively, with a reduction of more than 6% at one point; Stock price has decreased by 9.84% in the last 6 trading days. As of September 20, the main net inflow amount was -12.3877 million yuan.

With a “plug-in” fire, you can easily pass the customs for 20 yuan

“Sheep for Sheep” exploded. In response to the second level that players messed up, countless “plug-ins” and “replacement brushes” for ash have emerged one after another.

Every time the reporter noticed, at this time, the records related to “Yang Liao Yang Customs” and “Yang Liao Yang Support” are all over the major social and e-commerce platforms. According to incomplete statistics, the price of these “plug-in” props is generally 5~30 yuan, and a few “final versions” are as high as 70 yuan. Some stores’ monthly sales can be as high as 6,000 to 7,000 transactions. According to this rough estimate, the monthly income of some shops can reach 30,000 to 210,000 yuan.

Image source: Taobao screenshot

Taobao store customer service told reporters that the store currently sells three versions of the auxiliary customs clearance strategy, namely the standard version, the luxury version, and the ultimate version, which are 16.98 yuan, 19.98 yuan, and 69.98 yuan respectively.

“The standard version has Apple and Android, but it needs to work with a computer, and you can use unlimited props; the deluxe version is a special version for Apple, and you can clear customs quickly on your mobile phone; the ultimate version includes all the functions of the deluxe version and unlimited skins.” Customer service is positive. It is recommended, and he emphasized, “The operation is very simple and there will be no problems. After the praise, you can also provide 5 after-sales services. “

The standard version of the auxiliary tutorial purchased by the reporter for 17 yuan

After that, each reporter spends 17 yuan to buy the standard version, adjust the settings according to the tutorial and install the “plug-in”, and then enter the game from the computer side, can use the props below for an indefinite period, and the difficulty of the game is greatly reduced. After using the props many times, the reporters managed to clear the customs each time.

“After using the ‘random scramble’ supporting props many times, the experience of this game has become ‘love magic in circles’, and you don’t need to use your brain at all.” A player who passed the level complained of the assistant’s assistance to each reporter.

Every time the reporter uses the props many times, the customs clearance is smooth

In addition to the “plug-in” business, there are also many bloggers on the short video platform who said they can “play for others”. On Douyin, a blogger posted a video saying, “If you get a sheep, you will be able to clear customs and train, and it will cost 5 yuan once. It’s a small business, and you don’t have to bargain.”

“power training” business photo source: screenshot from Douyin

Previously, in response to the problem of game plug-ins, Zhang Jiaxu, the founder of the game development company Jianyou Technology, responded in a media interview that he paid attention to the situation and began to cut down on this type of behavior. Recently, the official Weibo “China Police Online” of the Ministry of Public Security of the Ministry of Public Security also reminded: “The sheep are sheep” game has become popular, beware of telecommunications fraud such as someone pretending to be customer service ” sale of props, the number of the resurrection”.

Image source: Weibo screenshot

The secondary market “money power” limited gigabit share price continuously decreased

“Sheep A Sheep” became popular overnight, and also attracted the attention of the companies behind it, such as Jianyou Technology and Gigabit.

Qixinbao shows that although Jianyou Technology, which created “Sheep Liao A Sheep”, has only been established for more than a year, behind it is Gigabit, an A-share game company, and Gigabit is involved indirectly in Beijing Jianyou through its holding subsidiary.

However, at present, “Sheep A Sheep” support for Gigabit in the capital market is still limited. When the game was the most popular last week, Gigabit’s stock price rose 0.01% and 2.77% respectively on the two trading days from September 15 to 16; but then on September 19, September 20, and September 21, superimposed Affected by the broader market, the company’s stock price fell 7.34%, 0.86% and 3.35% respectively.

Choice data shows that since January 4 this year, Gigabit’s stock price has fallen by 37.51%. If the timeline is extended, between January 4, 2021 and September 16, 2022, Gigabit’s stock price has decreased by 36.80%. Every time the reporter noticed, many investors had questioned the recent volatility of Gigabit’s stock price in the Snowball discussion area.

Image source: Screenshot of Choice

From the point of view of the whole game sector, finally on the morning of September 21, the online game sector fell by 0.7%. Gigabit, Sanqi Interactive Entertainment (SZ002555, stock price of 18.29 yuan, market value of 40.6 billion yuan), Youzu Network (SZ002174, stock price of 8.13 Yuan, with a market value of 7.45 billion yuan), and Perfect World (SZ002624, with a price stock of 13.30 yuan and a market value of 25.8 billion yuan), the company’s stock prices both fell. By the end of the day, however, all three stocks except Gigabit had turned slightly higher.

As an A-share game company, Gibbit hosts a number of popular games such as “Ask”, “Ask Mobile Games”, and “A Nian Xiaoyao”. However, in addition to self-developed games, in recent years, the company has also invested in game companies to use upstream and downstream industries.

Qixinbao shows that Gigabit has invested 16 times abroad since 2011, mainly in the software and Internet information technology industries, including many game companies such as Celadon Digital, Thunder Interactive, and Blue Bamboo Mobile Games. In addition, Gigabit also invested through Xiamen Jixiang Equity Investment Co, Ltd, with up to 26 overseas investments, including many game companies such as Easy Play Network, Xiamen Game Element Network Technology, and Xiamen Dixin Mutual Entertainment Network Technology.

On September 19, an investor asked Gigabit on the investor Q&A platform “what online games other companies are participating in.” The company said that the details are in accordance with the 2022 semi-annual report. Every time a reporter inquires about the semi-annual report, it is found that the company currently has 9 games in reserve, of which 5 are products such as ” Super Meow Star Project”, “Dawn Elite” and “New Manor Age” have been given game version numbers.

Image source: Screenshot from the 2022 Gigabit semi-annual report



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