The story of a 75-year-old grandmother’s ‘clothing sleeve’ handwritten letter

Post it on the drama viewers bulletin board
An unusual reply from an MBC official
“The author is very impressed”
The 67-year-old viewer also said, “Is there a drama like this?”

A handwritten letter posted by Song Young-shim (75) on the viewer’s bulletin board for the drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’. MBC viewers bulletin board capture

In the drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’, Seong Eui-bin (left, Se-young Lee) and Jeong-jo (Jun-ho Lee) are holding hands. Provided by MBC

On the 12th, an online community was filled with a handwritten letter from a woman in her 70s. It is known that he wrote a letter of thanks to the writer after watching the MBC drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’ and saying, “I’m so excited that I can’t even express it in a long time.”

Although it is a historical drama, it is unusual for a viewer who is over 70 years old to see a romance drama starring actors in their 20s and 30s to post a letter on the broadcaster’s website. MBC officials also commented on the bulletin board posted by the viewers of ‘Clothes Sleeve’, which is very unusual, and replied, “It was delivered to writer Jeong Hae-ri.”

A handwritten letter posted by Song Young-shim (75) on the viewer’s bulletin board for the drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’. MBC viewers bulletin board capture

The viewer of ‘Clothes Sleeve’, who directed this true scene, is Song Young-shim (75), who lives in Songpa-gu, Seoul. The letter posted on the bulletin board read, “I was moved by every scene,” and “There are times when I spend the whole day excitedly.” Song said, “My friends around me make fun of me because I think I’m back in my 20s.” This silver viewer’s story is that he was so nervous that he even wished this drama would end quickly. In Song’s shaky handwriting, there is a feeling of being unable to help the swelling of the heart due to the romance of the drama. Song also encouraged the drama writer of ‘Clothes Sleeve’ by saying, “Please write a good article.”

When this article became a hot topic among netizens, an MBC official wrote in a comment on the 10th, “Writer Jeong Hae-ri was very moved by the handwritten letter and asked me to say thank you for encouraging me.”

‘Clothes Sleeve’ touched viewers deeply with the love story between Jeongjo and the surname Uibin in history. In the last broadcast on the 1st, it recorded an audience rating of 17.4% and received great love. Two rejections, the couple’s relationship after 15 years, but the death of two children and an early bereavement. The tragic love between the male and female protagonists of ‘Clothes Sleeve’ made the social networking service (SNS) into a sea of ​​tears earlier this year.

A 67-year-old viewer’s impressions of the drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’ posted on the viewer’s bulletin board. MBC website capture

Viewers over the age of 60 were no exception.

Earlier on the 7th, on the drama viewer’s bulletin board, a netizen, ‘I’m 67 years old’, wrote, ‘I’ve been so desperate and left a lingering impression, so I look back on whether there was a drama that touched my heart until this time today.’ It was about looking back on the life I’ve lived so far through ‘clothing sleeves’ and going to visit Seosamneung, where the main characters in the drama were buried.

The viewers of ‘Clothes Sleeve’ who saw this story responded by posting articles such as ‘I wasn’t the only one who was weird’ on the bulletin board.

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