The story of model Lee Hye-jung and her husband, actor Lee Hee-jun, confessing to breaking up with her husband, actress Lee Hee-joon, a month before marriage.

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Hye-Jeong Lee / Hye-Jeong Lee – Hee-Jun Lee couple

Model Lee Hye-jung revealed the story of her husband Lee Hee-jun, who nearly broke up with her before marriage.

On Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, which was aired on the 3rd, model Lee Hye-jeong revealed her love story with her husband, actress Lee Hee-jun.

On this day, Lee Hye-jung confessed that she fell in love at first sight with Lee Hee-jun at an acquaintance’s birthday party. She continued, “My husband was dressed modestly with blushed cheeks. He looked very innocent,” he said.

The two started dating like that, and soon after, rumors of a relationship broke out, and rumors of marriage broke out. Hyejeong Lee confessed that she was scared, saying, “I wanted to get married, but it suddenly unfolded quickly.”

He said, “Will I be able to live well, someone I will be with at the age of 100?” He confessed his worries at the time and said, “There is no divorce in my dictionary. It was big for me,” he said. It was because my parents were divorced.

He continued, “I wrote a letter (to Lee Hee-jun) a month before the wedding. He said that he would rather break up than divorce.”

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Channel A ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’

Hyejeong Lee said, “There was nothing wrong with my husband. I’m confused, so I don’t know if this is right or not. But I wanted you to catch me. (Lee Hee-jun) There was an uproar asking him to find me for a week or two.” “Then we had the last conversation. My husband was in very bad shape at the time. I’m sorry. I was convinced that we could go together,” he said, explaining why he decided to get married.

Meanwhile, model Lee Hye-jung and actress Lee Hee-jun got married in 2016 and have one son.

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