The strategy of the big house ‘Chonburi’ Sontaya pushes Sukumon to hit the new house.

Ban Yai goes to war, Sontaya encourages Sukumon to lead an army to Pheu ThaiChonburi sweeping the MPs to adhere to the ideavillage chief Tell the truth, don’t lie, turn off the power collision machine, there is no Hua with the PPP.

Sontaya Khun Pluem Former Mayor of Pattaya City Started launching with many media. to explain why he worked with Thai Pheu Party And he gave it to his life partner Sukumon Khunpluem to apply for Chonburi MPs, where he will be chief of staff. See an overview of the province.

“We have to choose the way we go to work. leads the team to be part of the problem solving mechanism Regardless of the current economic problems,” Sonthaya explained the reason for joining the party.Pheu Thai

Twilight also refers to teaching.village chief-Somchai Khunpluem said, “When it comes to politics, there are losers and winners. compete as usual if you fight you have to fight face to face.”

Hence, the cause of the groupbig houseYou are happy with your new home.ChonburiFrom the Suchart Chomklin, different people work differently. and fight in the fieldvote The people will be the judges.

“The way of the politicians” as my father taught me even in different parties but also they are the same Don’t argue,” said Sia Pae Sonthaya.

On the day that Kamnan Poe was still in control of Ban Yai, Fueng Fah facade, Saen Suk sub-district, Mueang district, Chonburi province, local political networks were established at all levels. Use the We Rak Chonburi group name with Witthaya Khunpluem, President of the Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization, as the commander in chief.

With the We Love Chonburi model, the Khunpluem family decided to form the Palang Chon Party. In the 2011 election, the Palang Chon Party was successful, winning 6 Chonburi MPs and 1 party-list MP, a total of 7 seats.

The Phalang Chon Party then joined Yingluck’s government and Sukumon Khunpluem became Minister of Culture. and the date of Palang Chon going to wear a shirtPheu Thai sees the role of Beer-Sukumon Your daughter-in-law loves it again

the female mistress of the big house

‘Sukumon’ volunteered to take down MP for Chonburi so that ‘Sonthaya’ heads Pheu Thai Muang Chon Have time to help candidates for MPs in all 10 regions, including areas in Rayong and Chanthaburi provinces

“At the beginning, when I went to the area, there were people who protested because I had to look at all 10 areas and look at the overall picture, maybe I had to look at the states as well … my wife and I spoke. I told you not to go down, I’m going down myself,” Sonthaya told reporters.

when takingvoteIn 2011, Sontaya had to take a 5-year political hiatus due to the dissolution of the Chartthai Party.Chonburi Region 6 (Bang Lamung Region, Si Racha District)

Beer-Sukumon Khunpluem, the daughter of a building material store owner in Chonburi province, graduated in business administration. Assumption University. At the moment, she has two lives. and Sia Pae’s partner, Sontaya

Inauguration of Sor Hier

‘Sonthaya’ announces campaign strategy ofbig house in the color of Pheu Thai shirts Only Muang Chon is involved in the issue of ‘truth’ and ‘lie’.

So, the Facebook fan page of the power group Ban Yai The voice of your family people is delighted. So there is a status that “People used to lie. If the original question I will answer differently. Good way #If you lie, write too. #I won’t remember..”

not only that Hier-Passakorn Homhuan, a former member of the Saen Suk Sub-Regional Municipality, a close friend ofvillage chief he also came out to tell the story of the origin of Sia Heng Responding to the case of Suchart Chomklin gives an interview to some media that Kamnan Poe invites him to play politics

Hier said he had known Heng since 2006 by persuading him to join a team of Saensuk City Council members. When Heng wanted to become the Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization, he withered the Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization and went to ask for a village chief. so he was encouraged to become Somjai Provincial Police Station

“The status of the head of Pao village at that time was very high. and working to develop a happy city every day I hardly had time to get to know a new kid named Heng at all,” said Sor Hier.

This is the first round of a truth versus lie strategy. in the group’s campaignbig house to counterattack with the new house group, Sia Heng, especially

Khun Nam Muk’s Battle of the World column reported

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