The strength of the leader is very different from the strength of the leader and the three-pointer seems to be “sealed” The Tianjin Men’s basketball team suffered a 13-game losing streak.

Original title: There is a huge difference with the leaders in terms of strength, and the three pointers are like being “sealed” (excerpt)

Tianjin men’s basketball team suffered a 13-game losing streak (theme)

Tianjin Daily News (Reporter Li Bei) Yesterday, the 18th round of the CBA League held in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, continued the losing streak of the Tianjin men’s basketball team to challenge the league leader Zhejiang Chouzhou men’s basketball team The game play up and down. It’s a shame that the Tianjin team only played a good half of the game, and finally lost 95:111, suffering a losing streak of 13 games.

The Zhejiang team is in hot condition this season. They only lost one game in the previous 17 games, coming first in the league. As for the Tianjin team, it rained all night, and the players got sick one after another, causing the team to fall into a vicious cycle of losing streak. In this game, it’s not’ r head coach Zhang Degui recovered from his illness, Zhang Qingpeng continued to act as an agent on the sideline, and the player Lin Tingqian was still absent.

Taking advantage of the slow entry of the Zhejiang team, the Tianjin team, led by foreign aid James, made an excellent start of 9:0. Throughout the first half, they blossomed more, and their shooting efficiency was higher than that of the Zhejiang team. The Zhejiang team returned to the field in the second half and started a state of crazy shooting. Wu Qian, who was absent for 3 games, showed his strength and joined Gary to immediately open the point difference with a wave of 13: 4. Although the Tianjin team did not give up and grabbed consecutive offensive rebounds, Jefferson alone Ma the human touch is also very cold, and in the end we can only watch the score standing at 95:111.

After the game, coach Zhang Qingpeng said helplessly that the Tianjin team’s three-pointer seemed to be “sealed”, while Shi Yuchen, who had 8 assists, said that this might be some psychological shadow and caused by the long-term loss. run.


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