“The strong baht” reigns supreme in the region. Caused by what!

Global Markets expects the baht to move in the range of 32.50-33.30 baht per US dollar next week. Keep an eye on the US personal consumption expenditure price index. Highlighting the direction of US interest rates, expecting the MPC to raise interest rates by 0.25%, opening statistics for the baht since the beginning of the year – the baht is currently the strongest in the region.

Ms. Roong Sanguanruang, Director of Business Promotion Regulation and Global Markets Department of Bank of Ayudhya revealed to Nation Online that the moving frame was 32.50-33.30 baht per dollar. Markets will pay attention to the December US Core Personal Consumption Expenditure Price Index to assess currency pressures and the direction of Federal Reserve policy, orFedin the next period

For domestic factors, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting is expected to raise interest rates by 0.25% to 1.50% at the meeting on January 25, with investors following the MPC’s assessment. about the economic outlook and inflation in the coming period amid downside risks in the export sector and high risks in the tourism sector

In addition, there are some signs that foreign hot money has left short-term Thai bonds. Early next week, trading may be thin. Although many financial markets in Asia are on pause. in Chinese New Year 2023

In terms of currency movements in the region, between 3 January and 20 January, the baht – Thailand was found to appreciate the most by 5.30%, followed by the Rupiah – Indonesia 2.87%, the ringgit – Malaysia 2.58% Korea Gained 2.29% Philippine Peso 2.08% Indian Rupee 1.88% Chinese Yuan 1.69% Singapore Dollar 1.24% Taiwan Dollar 1.15% Vietnamese Dong 0.81%

for the reason thatbaht appreciationThe new 10-month record high came on expectations that the US is close to ending interest rate hikes in the first half of this year. the recovery of the tourism sector and the price of gold that rebounded While foreign investors bought net stocks of 22 billion baht and bonds of 44 billion baht.

Mr. Poon Panichphiboon, Analyst in the Trading Room of Krung Thai Bank told Nation Online that the moving frame was 32.65-33.15 baht per US dollar. The following factors are a number of economic numbers, such as the manufacturing sector PMI – services, the US GDP in 4Q22, the PCE core price index is a measure of inflation that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) takes into account when assessing direction interest rates

Which, if it doesn’t come out well, will cause the US dollar to weaken. Including the publication of statements of listed companies in the United States, European PMI numbers, if worse than expected, caused the US dollar to strengthen. In addition, Thai export figures in December must be followed. Including the MPC meeting on January 25 whether the directors’ noise will be cut or not. because it affects the conduct of monetary policy

However, from January to the present, the baht appreciated the most at 5.4%, followed by Indonesia 2.9%, Malaysia 2.6%, South Korea 2.4%.

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