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The sudden death of Wei Shihui︱Zeng Zhiwei’s loss of strength Subordinates: He is the most important person in the Variety Department (18:14)-20210917-SHOWBIZ

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[Today’s direct hit]Wei Shihui, manager of the wireless non-drama division, passed away this morning (September 17) at the age of 62. Wireless Deputy General Manager Zeng Zhiwei sighed very suddenly when attending the event. He revealed that Wei Shihui was admitted to the hospital due to heart discomfort in the early morning at home and died. After receiving the news, he immediately arranged for colleagues to take care of his wife’s emotions and help with the funeral.

Zhiwei said, “Shihui is the most important person in our Variety Arts Department! He is Mr. Hao Hao, and the team he leads is very large. He accounts for very important work in production budget and division of labor. Our “Star Games” and Olympic programs He is the coordinator, and he is also responsible for the program tour. He watched a lot of shows, and his right-hand man is in charge of very important programs. The most important thing is his feelings for the company. He is a small company and he is responsible for it. The most senior supervisor on the 6th floor. He treats his subordinates and all his colleagues very well. He is a well-known Mr. Haohao from TVB. This is what we are most reluctant to do. I have been discussing with him about many large-scale programs such as Taiwan celebrations. The meeting was held until 5 o’clock yesterday. “Zhiwei revealed that Wei Shihui’s wife and brother are also working in wireless. Wei Shihui regards wireless as a second home. The company is very sad after receiving the news. Zhiwei said: “The chairman (Xu Tao) has always admired him and told his wife not to worry. The company will take care of all the funeral affairs.”

I have known Wei Shihui for more than 30 years. Zhiwei said: “I used to cooperate with Qian Guowei the most. Shihui was his producer. Therefore, we have cooperated seamlessly. I returned to TVB this time and Shihui helped me the most. , Is the person I don’t have to worry about the most! (I can’t help crying when I receive the death?) There must be.” Zhiwei said that he had a meeting with Wei Shihui’s subordinates today, and everyone was also very sad. Zhiwei said: “His subordinates revealed that Shihui only invited them to lunch yesterday. During the period, they said they had reached retirement age, but TVB is like his home. As long as TVB needs him, he also hopes to continue to do it, saying that TVB Okay. He said such touching words, and then he left after who knew it.”

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