The sun shines, not in front of Saemapetch Smashing a best friend in the first round of the ONE Championship Battle – Fresh News

Tawanchai PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym Not in front of compatriots like Saemapetch Fairtex, pushing the punch set until the pair punches into the pile before the judge ends the fight from the first round.

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Tawan Chai, breaking the square of a dear friend, Saemapetch, without a face Knockout stage from the first round, while “Super Girl” faces hard work from a strong Belarusian woman “Barbie”, but wins out of sight. For the first battle to open a new era ONE: HEAVY HITTERS

ONE Championship gathers the first heavy punchers of the year, three Thai boxers, selected 16 heavy punchers, took to the stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday night, January 14. 65

Leading the way with the ONE Strawweight MMA World Championship, a strong female MMA from Shaolin Song Jing Nan, the current world champion. Resist the power of the samurai challenger, Ayaka Miura, unfailingly, even though Ayaka tries to invite the game to sleep, Song, prevent takedown and control the game strong. The results of the referees agreed to continue to be crowned world champion. This was the sixth defense of the position successfully.

The second pair that Thai boxing fans have been waiting for The battle of my dear friends PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym Encounter with his best friend Saemapetch Fairtex, who has been missed twice.

In the end, the boxing could not escape. The pair opened the game with a serious look before gradually accelerating the exchange of shins and punches. but was shone by the sun Kick and extract it, then follow it up with a series of punches until Saemapetch falls down.

when he got up, the sun was shining hurriedly followed and attacked another set of fists Not allowing this game to be protracted, Saemapetch staggered out of a bad condition. The referee terminates the match in the 2.55th minute of the first round.

The 18-year-old Thai boxer, Super Girl Jaroonsak Muay Thai has to deal with tough Belarusian woman Ekaterina Wanda Riva, 30, who has said she will use her freshness to crush the season.

After the first bell Two girls compete for a dogfight. Barbie uses the length of the punching suit and kicks well, while the super girl with a heavy punch and sharp retort will inform

Second round, Barbie puts a big punch. Supergirl until she lost symptoms, but Thai girls fight to fight in the third round. Both sides seem slower, but Supergirl have to walk to invade to score Even in a condition that is still reluctant from injury in the first round, Barbie waits to defend, throws a punch into the swollen opponent’s temple.

After completing 3 rounds, it appears that the 3 judges voted unanimously for Supergirl. Won with a score of 2 to 1 amid criticism from both Thai and foreign social media fans, while fans in the stadium applauded Barbie.

For this battle, it is the first time that ONE has officially offered bonus prize money. The two form fighters who received a bonus of $50,000 each (over 1.6 million baht) are “Barbie” Ekaterina and “Seyid Isakamaev”, students of MMA superstar “Kabib”. Nurmagomedov”, considering the game strength and an attempt to overthrow its rivals

Summary of all matches

Song Jing Nan defeated Ayaka Miura (World MMA Strawweight Championship) by unanimous decision
-Tawanchai won by knockout Saemapetch at 2:55 minutes of the first round (Muay Thai 66.45 kg.)
Seyid Izakamaev defeats James Nakashima in 2:17 minutes of round 2 (MMA lightweight)
– super girl Won by unanimous decision Ekaterina Vandariva (Muay Thai Strawweight)
Senzo Ikeda defeats Elipitou Siregar by KO at 2:00 minutes of round 3
Giannis Stoforidis defeats Beybulat Isaev by knockout at 0:31 minutes of round 1 (kickboxing light heavyweight)
-Tiffany Teo defeats Meng Bo by Submission at 3:45 minutes of round 2 (MMA Strawweight bout)
Chuya Kamikubo defeats Troy Worthen in 4:36 minutes of round 3 (MMA bantamweight bout)


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