The supply of bread will not stop

The head of the National Union of Mauritanian Employers, Mohamed Zine El Abidine Ould Cheikh Ahmed, said that the process of supplying bread is proceeding normally and will not witness any interruption.

Ould Cheikh Ahmed confirmed, in a tweet on his Twitter account, what happened during his meeting with officials of the Mauritanian Federation of Bakeries and Sweets, a few days ago, when he announced at the time that there was no stopping the supply of bread.

The Mauritanian Federation of Bakeries and Sweets held, on Monday morning, a meeting with A delegation from the first ministry, and that After the bakeries threatened to stop producing bread, starting this evening, against the background of the rise in the prices of “wheat” and “fuel”.

A private source told Sahara Media that the meeting discussed the federation’s demands, which it leads, “supporting wheat and fuel, and respecting the distance between bakery production units.”

The same source added that the outcomes of the meeting are expected to be announced in the coming hours, stressing that the executive office of the Federation of Bakeries is still studying the government’s offer that it made during negotiations with them.

At the end of last week, the Bakeries Federation issued a statement, saying that its units will stop producing bread, starting Monday/Tuesday midnight, due to the rise in the price of “fuel” and “wheat.”