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The Supreme Prosecutor’s Inspection Committee decides on severe disciplinary action by a majority, including dismissal of three prosecutors for ‘receiving Lime’

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Supreme Prosecutor’s Office

The Inspection Committee of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office has decided to impose severe disciplinary measures including dismissal of incumbent prosecutors suspected of serving Lime with alcohol.

According to the legal community, on the 20th, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Inspection Committee deliberated on whether to seek disciplinary action against the Vice-President A, Vice-President B, and Prosecutor C, who were involved in the Lime entertainment allegation on the 20th. Initially, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Inspection Headquarters said that it was necessary to dismiss the deputy chief prosecutor and the suspension of the deputy chief prosecutor B and C prosecutor.

However, in the Inspection Committee, which has a large number of external members, the level of disciplinary action was adjusted by a majority vote for Deputy Chief Prosecutor A to be dismissed from office, Deputy Prosecutor B to be suspended for three months, and Prosecutor C to reduce wages for three months. It is said that the reason for the disciplinary action was a violation of the duty to maintain dignity. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Disciplinary Act, the types of prosecutor’s discipline include dismissal, dismissal, suspension, pay reduction, and reprimand. As dismissal is the highest level of disciplinary action following dismissal under the Prosecutor’s Disciplinary Act, once the disciplinary action is finalized, Deputy Chief Prosecutor A will not be able to practice as a lawyer for two years.

The person who has the right to claim disciplinary action for incumbent prosecutors is Prosecutor General Oh-su Kim. When President Kim reflects the recommendations of the Inspection Committee and requests disciplinary action from Minister of Justice Park Beom-gye, the Ministry of Justice decides whether and how much disciplinary action should be taken through the Prosecutor’s Disciplinary Committee. However, the recommendation of the Inspection Committee is not compulsory, so President Kim can decide whether to request disciplinary action. The level of disciplinary action may change as you go through the disciplinary committee of the Ministry of Justice.

Previously, the Ministry of Justice requested the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office to file a disciplinary action against three incumbent prosecutors involved in the Lime entertainment allegation. In 2019, they were suspected of receiving drinks from former Star Mobility Chairman Kim Bong-hyun at a room salon in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. In December of last year, the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office indicted Deputy Chief Prosecutor A without detention on charges of violating the Solicitation and Graft Act. Prosecutor B and Prosecutor C attended a drinking party, but returned home first and decided that the amount of entertainment was less than 1 million won, so they were not charged with charges.


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