The Surin Wagyu Beef Cooperative joins the battle against Mr Hoy to take advantage

Wagyu beef cattle are popularly raised in the Southern Isan region, especially in Surin province. Until a significant income can be generated

Surin Yang Sawang Beef Cooperative, Ltd, Yang Sawang Sub-District, Rattanaburi District, Surin Province is one of the cooperatives that has been successful in promoting members to raise Wagyu cattle. which is a cross between Japanese wagyu and native cattle

“In the past, the villagers here preferred raising buffalo as a career and Rattanaburi District was the area that raised the largest number of buffalo in Surin Province. But recently, the farming methods of the villagers have changed. No more plowing buffalo. Buffalo raising has started to disappear. The villagers therefore turned to raising local cattle. But rising and not selling the price as it should be Because the native cattle that were brought to breed are dwarf. difficult to grow slowly gather therefore to form a group and find ways to train and study knowledge with livestock in the Province of Surin to find ways to adapt cattle breed By bringing native cows to crossbreed with bulls such as Braman, Charole , Angus and Wagyu, adapt crossbred cows to obtain good quality, fast growing heavy weights, which are in demand in the market. which sell for a better price than native cattle

The villagers seem to prefer raising Wagyu crossbreds more. because the price is better than other breeds of cattle If it is a typical indigenous cow, the price will be 80-90 baht per kg, but if it is Braman Charolae, it will cost 100-110 baht per kg, and Wagyu 130-140 baht. Wagyu”

The Surin Wagyu Beef Cooperative joins the battle against Mr Hoy to take advantage

Mr. Ruangsak Seetarisu, Chairman of the Board of Surin Sawang Wagyu Beef Cooperative Co, Ltd., told us about the history of raising crossbred Wagyu cattle in the area … but by raising them like villagers. Raising different people different people selling Cause traders or Mr Hoi to take advantage of it Villagers compete to sell and cut prices. Farmers were taken advantage of.

That started with organizing a new Wagyu farming system. By allowing members to raise crossbred cattle, the cooperative will then supply water to Wagyu breeders. come to breed with the members’ cows

and when the child came out if female The co-operative will continue to raise members. To be kept as a breeder for the production of Wagyu beef in the next generation

The Surin Wagyu Beef Cooperative joins the battle against Mr Hoy to take advantage

But if the child comes out as male The co-operative will let the members continue raising for another 8-12 months until they reach a weight of 180-300 kg The co-operative will buy them for fattening at a price from 110-130 baht per kg 5,000-6,000 baht.

“We have to buy cattle from members of the finishing group because the cost of finishing is very high. due to having to use a lot of compressed food members cannot fight The co-operative therefore bears this burden which has more potential. Make the co-operative earn money from this difference.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Surin Wagyu Beef Cooperative said how to fertilize It will take about 5-6 months for the cattle bought by members to be fattened to 500-600 kilograms.

But in most cases, the cows will be fattened to a weight of 390-400 kilograms according to the customer’s needs.

As for the feed used to finish the cattle, it depends on the operator who buys the cattle. The customer will create the recipe and send it to the cooperative itself. so that the meat of the cattle meets the needs of the operators

The Surin Wagyu Beef Cooperative joins the battle against Mr Hoy to take advantage

In general, the feed used for fattening cattle will be an intensive diet containing protein, jasmine rice straw, and silage, but the cattle will not be fed on fresh grass. because it will make the beef smell musty

In addition, the co-operative also benefits from the sale of cattle to network co-operatives for further fattening. The price is around 30,000 baht each.

Currently, Surin Yang Sawang Beef Cooperative Limited has 600 Wagyu cattle, of which 80 are breeders, with the potential to produce Wagyu hybrid cattle. The 5th generation averages 10-15 birds per month, although this business takes quite a long time and costs. But the profit earned can support the lives of farmers, villagers and members.

Gathering together to form the Surin Wagyu Sawang Beef Cooperative So helping to create a better quality of life for people in the Yang Sawang Subdistrict community as well.

The Surin Wagyu Beef Cooperative joins the battle against Mr Hoy to take advantage

Thamreen Jaikla

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