The Surprising Hotel Encounter: Ahn Seon-young Shares a Story with Tak Jae-hoon on ‘Jjandangpo’

Meeting at a Hotel: An Unexpected Encounter

Jjandangpo Show Unveils Ahn Seon-young’s Anecdote with Tak Jae-hoon

Seoul, South Korea – In a recent episode of the popular JTBC entertainment show, ‘Jjandangpo’, Ahn Seon-young revealed a surprising encounter with Tak Jae-hoon at a hotel in Gangwon-do.

Ahn, who is currently experiencing success in her business ventures, shared the details of the unexpected run-in with Tak. She disclosed that she had started her own company while conveniently shopping at home, and the recent inauguration of her impressive four-story building had sparked much interest among the public.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Ahn Sun-young confronted Tak Jae-hoon with a question that left the studio in shock. “Don’t you remember meeting me at the hotel in Gangwon-do?” she asked. The entire audience was intrigued, wondering why the two stars would be at a hotel together. Ahn lightened up the atmosphere by teasing, “I entered the room with a beautiful woman this summer.” Hong Jin-kyung chimed in, playfully asking, “Was Tak Jae-hoon spotted at a motel with a mysterious woman this summer?” Filled with laughter, Tak Jae-hoon responded, “Are you insinuating that I visit motels in Gangwon-do?”

Ahn Sun-young clarified the context of their unexpected meeting, explaining it was at the opening event of an opulent resort hotel in Yangyang, Gangwon-do. She had been invited to the event and spotted Tak’s older brother in the conservatory, clearly accompanied by Hwang Shin-hye. Ahn recalled the moment, stating, “I instantly recognized him and reported the situation.”

‘Jjandangpo’, which airs every Tuesday at 10:10pm on JTBC, is known for revealing candid life stories shared by celebrities who entrusted their treasures to a pawn shop during their younger years.

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[OSEN=김수형 기자] In ‘Jandangpo’, Ahn Seon-young told an episode with Tak Jae-hoon that he ran into her in a hotel.

In the JTBC entertainment show ‘Jjandangpo’ broadcast on the 19th, Ahn Seon-young told an anecdote with Tak Jae-hoon.

Sunyoung introduced Ahn and said that his current business is going well. He said he started a company while shopping at home. The unveiling of the new 4 story building also became a hot topic.

At this time, Ahn Sun-young asked Tak Jae-hoon a surprise question, “Don’t you remember meeting me at the hotel in Gangwon-do?” Everyone was surprised and asked, “Why are Tak Jae-hoon and Ahn Seon-young in the hotel?” Ahn Seon-young set the mood by saying, “I entered the room with a beautiful woman, this summer .” Hong Jin-kyung asked, “Is Tak Jae-hoon in a motel with a mysterious woman this summer?” Tak Jae-Hon burst out laughing, saying, “Are you going to Gangwon-do to go to a motel?” he did.

Seon-young Ahn said, “The venue was Yangyang, Gangwon-do, the opening event of a very luxurious resort hotel. I went there because I was invited. A man was looking through the conservatory. I saw someone in the conservatory, so I looked and it was Jae-hoon’s older brother. It became clear that he was staying with Hwang Shin-hye. “He reported the situation at the time.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s entertainment show ‘Jjandangpo’ is a talk show program that shares honest life stories with stars who entrusted their valuables to a pawn shop during their childhood and airs every Tuesday at 10:10pm .


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