The survey found that “Thai men help cook” more than neighboring countries.

From the 4th Annual World Culinary Index by Cooking pad recipe sharing platform Its aim is to make everyday cooking fun, founded in 1997 in Japan. It currently has over 100 million monthly active users. to find ideas and recipes

This year along with Gallup (offers analytics and advice to help global leaders and organizations) found Thai men help cook more than neighboring countries. on average Thais cook 6.6 lunches and dinners, freshly prepared at home every week.

Thai men help cook (Cr.

Thai married men cook more than their Asian neighbors. from helping in the kitchen Thai men cook 7 out of 14 meals a week. and when sorting in ascending order meals cooked by men of different nationalities per week, it was found that

Myanmar and Japanese men cook only 2.9 meals a week.

Cambodia at 3.2

Taiwan at 3.4

Hong Kong and Indonesia at 4.4

Malaysia 6.2 meals per week

The survey found

Pad Kra Pao, popular menu (Cr.

The average Thai married couple cooks 7 – 7.6 meals a week. Although the average married couple around the worlda cooking womanthere will be up to 9.5 times aMen only cook 4 meals a week.

From the results of the survey, it was found that 5 menus that Thai men like to cook at home by the Cookpad platform Thailand is as follows:

The survey found Fried rice (Cr.

1 fried rice One-dish meals of home-made ingredients, such as fried rice with pork sausage and egg

2 omelet Simple menus with secrets to make, like fluffy omelet with crispy skin (Gan Krua Mee Uad Mee)

3 Palo A popular Chinese dish, Pork Knuckle Stew (by Kasama #RunawayHubbyKitchen)

The survey found

Stewed Pork Leg Stew (Cr.

4 Stir-Fried Basil Famous Thai spicy dish like Basil marinated pork (hot recipe by Krua Tua Dam, country man)

5. roast beef Suitable for a keto or low carb diet (eg Beef Yang Yang Suea Rong by Suthipong).

The survey found

Crying Tiger (Cr.

What is reflected in the World Culinary Index? This is in line with the trend we see among home cooking enthusiasts in Thailand. There are users in Thailand.More men are publishing recipes on the Cookpad platform.

And almost half of the participants were male participants in the cooking activity. by all participants

The survey found Grilled beef, a menu that Thai men like to cook (Cr.

by The top 5 menus that Thai men like to cook at home and post it on Cookpad programs and websites as menus.focus mainly on meat While women tend to make desserts and clean food.

The Cookpad team is very proud that more Thais are choosing to cook for themselves. They also share methods and techniques through the platform. Let everyone contribute to helping others learn to cook, learn and enjoy food. which is what connects us all together

The survey found (Cr.

Note: Survey method:

Gallup a Cooking pad Cooking frequency was measured by asking respondents to count the number of meals they cooked at home in the past seven days, including lunch and dinner. The respondents accepted the following definitions:

The survey found (Cr.

‘Home cooking’ It refers to home-cooked meals made from ingredients such as vegetables, meat, grains or other ingredients. Pre-cooked meals or reheated leftovers are not included.

This questionnaire is a survey of Gallup World Poll In 2021, since 2005, the World Poll has conducted a regular survey of people in more than 160 countries. by telephone and face-to-face interviews

The survey found (Cr.

Typically, survey results represent more than 95% of the world’s population aged 15 and over, using a randomly selected sample from representative countries in each country.

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