The Swedish sports federation denies sexting as an official sport.

The Swedish sports federation has refused to include sex as an official sport. After reports of rumors coming out that preparations are being made to hold the “European Sex Championship” for the first time on June 8 in Gothenburg

Rumor has it that the six-week competition, sanctioned by the Swedish Sports Federation, will feature 16 gold medals, divided into various gender positions. Each game takes 45 minutes to complete. Scored based on communication, stamina, chemistry and knowledge of sex education It will also be considered along with heart rate and blood pressure. Also for fairness it will be open to viewers to vote for their favorite contestants in public. in live streaming

However, the news turned out to be fake news. Will he actually try to make a case for Sweden’s national sports federation But the issue was dropped as expected.

The Swedish Sports Federation has also released a statement saying: Swedish Gender Federation Not joining as a member of the confederation according to previous news reports This information is incorrect.

“The Swedish Sex Federation has submitted a request to make sex a sport recognized by its national sports federations. But due to the fact that the Confederation submitted an application incorrectly in accordance with CH 10. Chapter 2, in accordance with the rules of the RF, the National Sports Federation therefore asked the applicant to correct the deficiency. But the Swedish Gender Federation is silent and refuses to amend the document. The application submitted was therefore refused.”

From Bjorn Eriksson, president of the Swedish Sports Federation, said: “This does not meet the requirements. And I can provide information that this request has been denied. We have many other things to do. I hope this nonsense goes away.”

However, a website from is due to stream the competition live on June 8.


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