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The Taliban-appointed defense minister is a terrorist, the brainchild of Kabul

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Kabul: The Taliban is ready to impose harsh laws on the Afghan people. In the first instance, the Taliban appointed a terrorist as Afghanistan’s new defense minister. Mullah Abdul Khayyam Zakir, who was released from Guantanamo Bay by the US government in 2007, has been appointed by the Taliban as caretaker defense minister. He has close ties to the rulers of many Middle Eastern countries, including Iran. The ministry is reportedly a recognition of the Taliban’s successful implementation of war strategies to capture Afghanistan.

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Mulla Abdul Khayyam Zakir, born in 1973, was captured by the US military in 2001. Guantanamo was then imprisoned. It is reported that he was subjected to severe torture there. Zakir was released after confessing to the U.S. military that he would no longer fight and would not take a pro – Taliban stance.

He is now collaborating with the Taliban in violation of a promise he made to the United States after his release from prison. He was appointed General Military Commander of the Taliban. Zakir was the one who led the Taliban terrorists who entered the palace of the Afghan president in Kabul and planned the moves. Zakir was strongly opposed to Ashraf Ghani negotiating with the government. Zakir wants the old Taliban policies to be implemented as they are.

Born in Afghanistan, he immigrated to Pakistan after completing his education. He then returned to the country as a member of an armed group fighting the Soviet occupation. He has also received expert training in the use of sophisticated weapons.

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