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The Taliban simply can’t wash Afghanistan-Political and Economic Code: Zhou Xian-am730

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The Taliban simply can’t bloodbath Afghanistan

The Taliban captured Kabul and won the whole country. Many Hong Kong commentators have judged that it will bloodbath Afghanistan. I’m very surprised that in Hong Kong, to make political and economic comments, you don’t need to understand the basic theory of politics and economics. It seems that it’s really easy to “feed” in this place. No wonder there has never been a lot of politics for so many years Misjudgment.

Leaving aside whether the Taliban “will” bloodbath Afghanistan, there is a more realistic question, that is, can it “can” bloodbath Afghanistan. This involves a basic political theory, which is very simple, but few people in Hong Kong understand it.

In the Chinese political tradition, there is the so-called “right position” or “bad position.” What is going on here?

To put it simply, the so-called “right to the throne” refers to the world that has been fought back by force, and “the throne is not right” refers to the throne obtained by seeking to usurp the throne. What is the difference between the two?

Bo Yang wrote the “Chinese History Compendium”, saying that “incorrect position” kills fewer people, and is more humane than the bloodshed “immediately gaining the world.” This proves that Bo Yang also doesn’t understand politics at all, because people who write history never need to understand politics, so no matter how much history read, readers won’t understand politics.

In fact, it is easier to obtain political order with the army and the bloodshed. That’s why it is called “right in position.” Conversely, if it is the land and people that have been obtained through political means, its regime will be more difficult to maintain, so it is called “incorrect position.”

Like the Kuomintang back then, because many places were backed by the surrender of warlords, such as Yan Xishan in Shanxi and Zhang Xueliang in the northeast, its political power was not stable and many places did not listen to it. On the contrary, the Communist Party’s world has come back inch by inch, and the countryside has surrounded the cities, and it has been able to stabilize the political power.

When the Japanese attacked China, they also only attacked cities, so the entire northern villages fell into the hands of the Communist Party. The same is true for the United States’ rule of Afghanistan and Iraq, so its rule is also unstable, and the Taliban will never be wiped out.

Today, the reason why the Taliban won Afghanistan and entered Kabul without bloodshed was the surrender of a large number of warlords, but the armed forces in the hands of these warlords have not yet been incorporated. In Kabul, if it kills the original officials, a large amount of government data will be lost and effective governance will not be possible. Besides, it has no experience in managing large cities with millions of people, so someone must “lead the way.”

Therefore, even if the Taliban want to bloodbath Afghanistan, they will have to use soft-hearted means for several years to incorporate some of the original forces before they can do it. now? impossible.

Source: https://www.am730.com.hk/column/Finance/Finance/The Taliban simply cannot afford to bloodbath Afghanistan-281629

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