The talks on the reform of the Judiciary begin next week: Wednesday

The Morenista deputy expressed his interest in returning to Mexicans their right to information, as well as the obligation of officials to share it.

Mexico City, May 27 (However).- Ignacio Mier Velazcocoordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Morena in the Chamber of Deputiesaffirmed this Saturday that the conversations on the analysis of the reform to the Can Judicialwhich will begin next week in San Lázaro, return the right to information that Mexicans have been deprived of by previous administrations.

The Morenista legislator stated that before the people did not find out what their rulers were doing, because they forgot that the people are the ones in charge, so he shared his idea so that society can participate.

“Before asking the Mexicans if they consider that the way in which ministers are chosen should be modified; before that, we want to explain to them, that they know how the ministers are chosen, how many are chosen, what the Supreme Court of Justice is”, detailed Deputy Mier Velazco.

The coordinator of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazco. Photo: Galo Cañas, Cuartoscuro.

The coordinator of the Deputies of Morena argued that 70 percent of Mexicans do not know how the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation works [SCJN]an element that for him “not only limits his opinion, but also restricts his right to information.”

“People should know that the SCJN, the ministers, are the heads of all the magistrates and all the judges” so that, according to Mier Velazco, the outlook for the administration of justice in the country is not limited, and fully understand the true gear of this higher body.

The Morenista legislator recalled that the three powers of which the Mexican State is made up, the Judiciary has not had a review on the way in which the heads of the highest justice body in Mexico are designated.

For this reason, he affirmed that the purpose of creating these spaces is for the population to find out about the proposal and the operation of the Judiciary during the coming months so that they can, with all these tools, give their opinion during the consultation.

The initiative for the ministers of the SCJN to be elected at the polls was an idea proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on May 9, when he pointed out that the federal Judiciary “is rotten” and “has no remedy.”

The federal president then stressed that before sending the reform initiative to the Judiciary, it is necessary to obtain a qualified majority in Congress, that is, it is necessary to reach 334 legislators to achieve constitutional changes.


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