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It is difficult to forget the way that Noa Kirel came into our lives. It was four years ago, in a TV item about a provocative music video that was released by the Israeli singer who was 14 years old. The clip left her song “Killer” with one question: How did her parents allow her to film in this way?

In the clip, Kirel discusses in a pantry. The lips left the pouty, the brushes of the pills, the emphasis on their lips and the sightings of the places where they had little space for imagination. This was eight months after the release of her first song, “Medabrim” (“Talking”). Both videos were as different as the night and the day. The first also showed the photographic teenager's dance and singing skills from Raananana. But during “Medabrim,” Kirel looked at another gifted girl from a good family, with “Killer,” one might want to imagine him.

What was the nature of the agent Roberto Ben Shushan, the parents Ilana and Amir Kirel and, mostly, Noah herself? To make it a star-star of an unprecedented scale in this country.

This video is and the scandal that inspired it in its ancient history now for Kirel, which took 18 on 10 April. It is a great birthday, not only because it means she will be drafted early, but more because she will be officially an adult. it can take personal control of the fortune it has earned to date.

All of these ears have long been forgotten since 2015. In 2019, Kirel is a cultural phenomenon.

What is this girl, what are her special qualities? How she was able to survive because of the ordinary doubts about children / teenage stars, the scandal scandal, let alone adolescence, being a huge enterprise to be present in many areas – reality shows, music, dance, theater, advertisements, film, fashion?

What do you like about Noa Kirel, I asked some of the places where young ladies had fans. I got different answers. She is “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” “cute,” “said sweet,” they said. Is she a singer? Actor? Dancer? I asked. The answer was unequivocal. “She's famous.”

I followed with Kirel in the past five months to try to get used to it (maybe she was opening and acknowledging things for me?), Learning something about contemporary culture and secrets of her success and her immense reputation to break.

Shany Littman

October 2018: Filming ‘Kfula’

Kirel didn't open that much easily, although she was in my first meeting kissing me with a kiss on the cheek and a big grin, as if we knew each other for years. Apparently, she learned that you are acting with adults. He was on the series of the children's television series “Kfula” (“Double”), which was loosely based on their own lives, which has a pioneering (dual) role. The show, which was won by talent agent Roberto Ben Shushan, finishes the third season and filming for the fourth time will begin soon.

I brought a few young girls into when I came to the series, in a deserted school in Ramle, so I had someone who knew how to behave near a teenage star. Kirel came out of her dressing room and worked the magic immediately. At first glance, she is like a Disney princess – huge blue eyes; dark dark fake eyelashes to enhance the effect; long straight hair; very thin skin; and cherry colored lips. Beautiful, sure.

Kirel came up to the girls and gripped them, a large plaster on their face. I realized that I had to respond quickly. I pulled out my cell phone and took three pictures, with only one focus. The girls were not talking with joy. Noah had little to say, and he quickly returned to the dressing room.

Shany Littman

Kirel was the youngest of the series. Producers explained that they no longer allow children to visit them, as the bus loads last season were showing regularly, and expensive shooting days were disrupted. In the coming days, I felt confident enough to come without my size bonds, and even try to talk to Kirel once in a while.

During a rather flat conversation, I learned that Noa can not walk more freely around shopping halls, and when she goes to the movies, she keeps a hat until the lights go down and she leaves just before the credits. If anyone succeeds to see her, she says, the screening is very okay because of the dependence that came from it. Her mother also sends her a cake to the series, and the team know that she likes toffee. At this point Kirel begins to look at her phone and I understand that the conversation is over.

November: Season Bat-mitzvah

Just before the last annual Weekly show for children, who departed from Noa from all her other exercises for three months, one girl was lucky to succeed in hiring her to join the bat- party. mitzvah.

Shany Littman

The event was held on Friday evening at a distinctive banqueting hall in the Tel Aviv region. The space was decorated like an American diner, in pink, turquoise, black and white, including vintage in-conversion in the center of the hall. American retro is a major design trend among teenagers these days.

Kirel came together with her brother Ofri and her effective personal manager, Doron Harap, who is always worried. His job is to manage the impossible schedule of the stars and he is always there, with her, even if he is not seen. One day, when I came to the new video Kirel was shooting, I tried to break Kirel's First Law and bring an external photographer into the makeup room. Harap didn't exist, but within 10 seconds I got a phone call asking me to retreat.

Noah was smuggled into the banquet hall via three side doors; if any of the children had seen her too soon, they would not leave herself. In a side room, she met up with her dressed dancers in costume from a recognized sports company with commercial discussion. Kirel, the dancers and the famous singer and dancer Stephane Legar, was also playing with her, the time laughing together and eating hamburgers while waiting for the box to their entrance. Although she seemed to have a small weather on the series “Kfula,” here Noah had a full element. The performance lasted half an hour. Download the children around the stage, mobile phones aloft.

Kirel charges 25,000 chickens ($ 7,000) for such a private event. Roberto says that they keep the price rational for any business, because she is not “only for the wealthy”. “If someone has to take out a loan to hire Noah, he won't enjoy it,” he said.

Shany Littman

The price goes up to 100,000 shells for performances at city events or before workers' committees, and it is twice as much as celebrating Independence Day. But the price list has to be adjusted early, because Kirel is already working on more and more effort to say: its show to upgrade.

Christmas: Sequence

Wherever it goes, they are there, the children. Like ants on the counter in the summer, like Hitchcock birds. They stay in halls, outdoor dressing rooms, at the entrance to concert halls, at film sets. They are just all tiny people who ask them (either alone or through a bashful parent). At Popular time, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of children. The annual high-performance show series was once held at Hanukkah but the latest was extended over a three-month period, from November to January.

Although she was born for the External Stage, last year was the first time that Noa “Festigal” had done. Some of the music shows in 2018 were very successful – 116 productions were sold out ahead of schedule! – with the participation of Kirel and with the love (real-life!) who was born during exercises between herself and her party on stage, 19 years of age, Yonatan Margi.

Kobi Gideon / GPO

The crowd went wild once Margi and Kirel played a duet. The little girls in the audience who have no problem with provocative Kirel dancing and their clips could not stand up watching the kiss on stage and cover their eyes.

January: Film ‘The Voice’

Kirel was not a regular participant on “The Voice,” the competitive TV show, but was present at the upcoming season. His dressing room door was closed and I was not allowed to enter, although others were entering and out. I eventually learned that his inner circle is for staffs and then the outer circle is made up of millions of eyes that live at Noa from morning to night.

One of the most important people in the inner circle is Kirel style, Itay Bezaleli. He worked with her for the past two years and now divides her time between her and another very busy client: Netta Barzilai.

Bezaleli: “I wanted to take this towards an international star, I wanted to be heavy. Noah is the greatest star in Israel. It's like a show window. You must create something that is not accessible. I do not deny that we will sometimes take inspiration from Ariana Grande, the pony, but I would like to believe that I am creating the inspiration for someone else. Only Noa can look and dress as she does, she is a fashionista. She understands all her power. ”

Are there any red lines?

Yanai Yechiel

“I don't see anything sexy about it. I see a cool girl with style. I wouldn't dress her in something because she's sexy. The word 'sexy' doesn't go into the dressing room. We all look out for her. I'm dying to see her in the army. You know how beautiful she will be in uniform? ”

Army army Noa & # 39;

One thing is certain about Kirel's path to success: They are not alone in ambition. It is surrounded by people who are as motivated as it is, and together they have put together a good machine. They call themselves “Noah's Army.” One of the first rules of this weapon seems to be that everyone will always act as if this performer succeeds to no one. Another option is that this idea is realistic.

If you suspect that Kirel is the most perfect creature in the world, you will feel that it was a relic of the Middle Ages.

Whenever I tried to say that there was something provocative about her youth, I was corrected: Not provocative, “current.”

Yanai Yechiel

If I thought about why there was no separation between the operation of your commercial enterprises and what was called “art,” I was told that commercial art is essentially – with a personal statement attached.

There is nothing like a copy of the world's “international pop” and thus different, and the recipe for success.

To describe the team around Kirel, must start with the parents.

Her mother, Ilana, does not provide interviews, but their father, Amir, is very excited. We met at Glassco Glass Warehouses, an imported glass business headquartered in Barkan Industrial Zone, in West Bank. Kirel, the chief, sat behind a large and smoked desk. Apart from a small picture of Noa on a single shelf, the office simply does not give any hint of the other events, which her father loved more.

Amir and Ilana are married 31 years. Noah is the youngest child.

They have two older sons. They named Noya when she was born, but then her diagnosis was made that she had a serious kidney illness when she was three months of age. Her parents asked a rabbit, and he asked them to change her name to Noah, so that the child could move (in Hebrew) while she was growing. He also predicted that she would be a famous dancer.

Kirel admits that the “Noah” project at the outset, or as it calls it – a principle – has inspired a great deal of ambition. “Noah was in an after-school program for girls who wanted to be stars. I was not one of those parents who try to fulfill their own dreams through their children.

And I never wanted to be that dumb father who is convinced that her kid is the most able person around him because she has her daughter. I went to the show's end of year show, after which she was crying because the teacher had put her in the back row on the stage. I asked the teacher how to come, and she said, be so true. She doesn't move so big, she's not that big, she's not singing. I don't want to waste your time. When I finish the big end of year show, girls like her must be in the back. 'So I said, leor Okay, that's fine, let's talk in a few years. '”

Amir managed to kill Kirel. Her daughter was 11, but he was determined to prove to the teacher that she was wrong, big-time. Noah attended a hip-hop dance class and spent hours practicing. Amir also signed for private phone lessons. “For two years, I took her there every Friday. In this way, Noa would say to me: If I'm not famous, that is the loss of the country. ”

In the case of Noa bat mitzvah, they hired the Israeli rapier E-Z to perform and she sang a song with him. “She met him completely. Afterwards, he said to me, 'Listen, there is something here.' I said, 'If there is something there, then let's do something.' Finally he agreed, and that's how the first song, 'Medabrim,' [E-Z wrote it for her]. ”

Yanai Yechiel

Noa was listening for a series of TV shows, including “Pushers,” a document-reality show about parents pushing their kids to the pursuit of reputation, but not accepted. But she was not relentless. “She kept pushing her to take her to hearings,” says her father. “Eventually she was employed as a dancer for commercial shampoo.”

When Noa was given the opportunity to spend the second season of “Pushers,” her father felt they were turning. “I realized that there was an opportunity to really do something with her talent, but I had little connection. I finished Roberto Ben Shushan. He saw Noah and saw the video – after he had a glance, he said, “Awesome, I'm yours.” And then the video for Killer 'was made, which was provocative. Now I can come out and admit that the idea from the beginning was to make a lot of noise. ”

Did you know about it at the time?

“Roberto didn't tell me about it because he was afraid I couldn't, and then there would only be another video that had nothing. He was right because I would destroy him, and my wife would meet him. ”

During the filming video, Ben Shushan was captured on camera, in a report shown on Channel 2, saying, “She must come out sexy here, so the news will report on how they let a 14 year old person The old girl becomes a sex symbol. ”

Overnight, Noa Kirel went from being a gifted boy to something that the whole country was unhappy with.

Was there a worthwhile price for the scandal?

“It's not a price, it's a trick.”

How did the reactions feel?

“He sent me up, because I knew Noah was not provocative. She is a normal girl who behaved and dressed just like all the girls I see. Currently, every 4 year old girl makes sexy movements in front of the mirror. I was angry that people were saying that this girl's father sold his daughter's body. I am the last person to ever do something like that. ”

You acknowledged that the video is provocative.

“The clip was thought to be provocative as it was a new thing that the Noah had revealed to adult life. I don't see I have sex content. It is currently. Noah has no sexual content. Hip-hop is a type of dance, what can you do? ”

You might think that the video would interfere with the parents' relationship with their daughter's agent, but otherwise, Kirel added: “Roberto was very impressed here. And not only here. It's like a chef master who doesn't need to measure how much salt he's putting in. ”

On the face, Ben Shushan and Amir Kirel did not differ. But their shared sense of business and common goal have been their best friends, and Kirel hopes that the eyes are closed.

The “Killer” clip was definitely the aim. Noah was very famous and it was not long before he infringed his iconic status by impersonating “Eretz Nehederet” (“Wonderful Country”). Anyone who didn't know Noa Kirel got to know the character “Agas Kimel” in the shepherd show. And from that it was a short distance to the real Kirel.

The third Kirel single, “I Have Love”, was given “Yesh Bi Ahava” and was given to her on the play list of Galgalatz radio station. Among the achievements happily recognized by the soldiers in the so-called Kirel army is this one: “the youngest ever singer on Galgalatz,” and later: “the youngest judge ever [the TV show] Alent got Talent. '”

Is it not too big a burden for a girl of her age?

Amir Kirel: “It's a machine when she comes to work. She is enthusiastic, goal-oriented. Sometimes many can be there, but she wants it. If there is a day that doesn't have a scheduled show, she says: Why should I get up at noon? Put a slot in something in the morning. She is worse than we are. ”

Have you ever regretted that she stopped going to school, because she has no friends with her age now?

“I think about that. But what are the friends? She has a life with any girl in her dream. And any parent's dream is to be as close to their teenager as her. I know she's recording or filming now. She is not hanging out in a park wearing narrow vodka or sipping. ”

How much money does she deserve?

“I don't like talking about money. If you want the apartment can buy – yes. And that's it. This is not America. ”

Who shares his earnings?

“Just Noa and Roberto. I don't get a salary. Ilana had a clothing business for 17 years, and closed it so that she could be with Noah. It is more economical and more interesting. ”

Turning in the plot

One day, one is likely to make a film about the life of the agent Roberto Ben Shushan. As he says his life, all the rights in the plot are already in place. He was born 49 years ago in Jaffa Gimmel, a poor neighborhood. His father had a local market. “My father wanted me to do the same thing with him, but I always wanted this to be something, that I would be a person,” he says to me.

He opened a modeling agency at the age of 27, although he had no experience in the field. He discovered his first client, Sharon Ganish, at a club in Ashkelon, and it was not long before she was hired for Versace campaigns. There followed a series of successful discoveries: I Rudberg, Sela's Rotem and, of course, the Maya Buskila singer: “I didn't know about music or fashion, but I can look at people and know what which is good and not. ”

Ben Shushan admits that his head was very successful and that he looked after his own reputation. However, there was a major financial fall and the event came out of sight. Then he got lucky again about four years ago, in the form of two girls who were 14 years old: Sofia Mechetner, daughter of a struggling immigrant family from the former Soviet Union who became a very successful model for Dior, and Noa Kirel – and her father “pusher”.

How did you feel about the Killer video?

Ben Shushan: “I knew a young audience does not like custody of his parents. You have to do things like they do abroad, and people here aren't used to these things. She is beautiful, she is sexy – so Noa. You want to make it ugly so that you can feel good about yourself? ”

The agent is also unhappy because of criticism of songs with Kirel songs. Like when, for example, adults feel uncomfortable listening to their lines of buoys like “I'm asking you, I want you, all day, the day” with an audience of 12 year old girls; age. “What would you like to sing to?” He says. “You seem to succeed as a bird in the sky and I want you to rise '? We need to do the current things. Rihanna, Beyoncé – that is what she wants to be. We have so much to do. ”

This “more” includes combating the space between the Atlantic and the Pacific. The first step was to provide a song in English, entitled “Drum.” With the magic of his business, Ben Shushan decided that the song would be the backdrop for commerce, he used commerce to produce a video clip. Noa made the main presenter for a particular manufacturer of clothing, or represented it – and only five days of film in Thailand. The result is slightly odd. The song itself works, but the song inserted into a video of different presenters for the clothing label is unhappy.

It's a new song. Didn't you want to have at least a minute of life without being tied to something commercial?

“All good songs come as announcements. How is this different from spending a lot of money on a video clip so that people know the song? The commercial side adds art. Why did some painters interfere with you? Due to a picture of its sale of $ 100 million. ”

How much money have you made so far?

"Alán. And I intend to do a lot more. Thank you God, I have no financial problem."

Is there something especially Israel or original about Noah?

“What is Israel? It is a global culture. There is someone who comes from Poland and someone who comes from Morocco and someone who comes from Ethiopia – and it's all mixed together. We are in America, and we have China and Japan. Stars must be just like the things you see around the world. ”

The other top lieutenant in Kirel's army is his publicity, Sir Pinto, 24. He was still in the Israeli Defense Forces when he began to work with her. Pinto says that banners are being sent out to various branches of the army before the upcoming enlistment, probably after the summer. “Noa Kirel in uniform, with marketing value, publicity value… We suggest that there are many companies that need Noah as their presenter within this huge corporation, the army. When she is in uniform, the decision will be clear. ”

February: One to one

After five months of a one-sided disturbance, it finally happened: Kirel's team got me time to interview her. In the event, she seemed to be very familiar with the points of conversation she wanted to communicate; maybe she had composed herself. She was ready to relieve strong statements so that there was no controversy. Her mother Ilana sat with us but she did not intervene. Prior to the interview Ilana described an incident that clearly stated why her daughter needed to be protected. That morning Ilana had gone into a taxonomy and the driver immediately recognized her and insisted that she would sit beside her; He asked his children on the phone, and he claimed to speak to them. Without a second idea, he then announced that he and all his children in the town of Kirel would show Saturday that their pictures would be taken by Noah. Just like that. Ilana was still a cross when we met him.

Noa Kirel believes that national responsibility for its huge success. Two days before our interview, she took a “private and personal” trip to the Holocaust sites in Poland (organized and filmed by the Children's Channel). National – yes, but political – not true.

Kirel turned 18 last year, the day after the election, so she did not vote. However, her father made it clear that he will not allow her to participate in politics. She asserted that she does not follow politics and says that she is not old in which she is supposed to understand these things.

You do many different things. What is most important to you?

"Music. Recently I am happy to do other things like the Festigal and ad campaigns, but that is not a new song."

What music influenced you?

“Videos by foreign artists. I looked at how a person like Rihanna puts dancing and singing together, and that is something that really made me feel happy. It is something I haven't seen in Israel yet, so I said: That's what I want to do. Today, I love Beyoncé and Ariana Grande, pop and hip-hop, and also quiet songs. ”

There are 700,000 Instagram trailers at Kirel. While other famous folks use the platform for hidden advertising, Kirel says that she is careful of the private separation platform from commercial: “I'm not that. I will not take holidays at the expense of a company and a picture job. The audience is with me because I look at them in the eye and it is important for me to keep it like that. ”

But now you have a video that is a video and video that is commercial, so there is a mix of commerce and art.

“This is a great mix, as I represent the brand, but with my music. I am a music presenter, who is very special and unprecedented. I don't think there is anything bad to be commercial. In every commercial campaign I probably do, I always add a song or something that has added value. ”

Do you define yourself as an artist?


And what do you mean by being an artist?

“That I have a say in everything I do, that I will bring myself into everything. That's what I think artists do. If I am campaigning for something, I will be 100 per cent. If it's a song, I'll be 100 per cent. That's why I think I can define myself as an artist. ”

I understand that you are also beginning to write a song. Would you like to communicate messages through your songs?

“I am more focused on making music that belongs to me. Music messages are more difficult to express than Instagram. At present, the lyrics have fewer messages. It's more about beat songs and are happy and fun to dance. ”

When she was so busy as she maintained her successful career, Kirel stopped attending school. Deir sí go gcríochnóidh sí a cuid scrúduithe máithreánaigh ard-scoile nuair a bhíonn am aici.

An gcaillfidh tú do shean-saol?

“Níl, toisc nach raibh aon rud speisialta nó suimiúil ann. I mo shaol anois tá a lán gníomhaíochta ann. Ní féidir liom mé féin a phictiúr in aon chás eile. Braithim gurb é seo an rud a bhí le déanamh agam. ”

Cuireann sé i gcuimhne dom na gleacaithe Oilimpeacha sin a bhíonn ag obair chomh crua ó aois óg agus a thugann suas gach rud dá ngairm.

“Ach ní raibh rud ar bith agam le tabhairt suas. Ba é an t-aon rud a thug mé suas ná príobháideachas, níos mó nó níos lú. ”

Is iomaí sin.

“Is mór an rud é. Tá sé deacair uaireanta, mar is cuma cén áit a dtéann mé ag iarraidh go dtabharfainn mo chách dom, an t-am ar fad, agus uaireanta ní dóigh liomsa é. Is cailín 17 mbliana go leith mé atá ag iarraidh a bheith ag argóint lena cara ar an nguthán uaireanta, ach ní féidir liom mar go n-éistfidh duine éigin linn agus labhróidh duine éigin faoi. Tá sé diana, agus tá a lán freagrachta ann freisin. Caithfidh mé a bheith deas i gcónaí do gach duine. ”

Ní deir tú riamh, “Tá sé agam, fág mé féin”?

“Ar ndóigh, mothaím ar an mbealach sin uaireanta, ach níl aon smaoineamh ag kid faoi mar a bhí mo lá. Tá sé an-tógtha liom é a fheiceáil agus ba mhaith liom pictiúr a ghlacadh. Mar sin déanaim iarracht gan a rá. Tar éis an tsaoil, is é seo mo lucht féachana, is iad seo na daoine a bhfuil grá agam dom, is iad sin na daoine a choinníonn m'ainm ar eolas. Ach tá, uaireanta bíonn daoine ann a théann beagán ró-fhada. ”

Cá dtéann tú nuair is gá duit vent a dhéanamh?

“Is féidir liom é sin a dhéanamh le mo theaghlach, mar go dtéann siad trí gach rud liomsa, mar sin is é sin an rud is éasca.”

Cén fáth a bhfuil tú ag dul isteach san arm?

“Cén fáth nach bhfuil?”

Toisc go bhfuil saol gnáth-scoláire ard agat go dtí seo.

“Is maith an rud é rud éigin a bheith agat freisin, rud éigin chun rudaí a chothromú. Níl sé rud éigin atá toilteanach dul suas. Déanfaimid é ar an mbealach ceart mar sin ní ghortófar mo ghairm bheatha. ”

Cad é is mó a chuireann isteach ort?

“Go dtiocfaidh deireadh leis seo go léir. Tá sé deacair a bheith chomh breá agus rathúil agus ansin imíonn sé go tobann. Tá sin an-scanrúil. ”


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