The ‘terror pavilion’ in La Picota prison in Bogotá

The La Picota prison in Bogotá It is one of the largest detention centers in the country’s capital, where thousands of people are housed who have pending accounts with the justice system, however, the prisoners who live there have reported on several occasions the conditions to which they have been subjected. .

In an exercise in journalistic immersion, Raúl Arévalo from immerses himself in the La Picota prison to demonstrate first-hand the Special Treatment Unit (UTE)what the inmates have called the ‘terror pavilion’.

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This pavilion is one of the most dangerous in said detention center, likewise, the inmates themselves have also called it the ‘evil pavilion’, where the state of minimal health conditions is evident in a chilling tour of the cold cells. .

One of the officials who work in the prison gave details of the location of the pavilion, which is classified as one of the maximum security ones. The floor is the last one in one of the prison towers.

It is at a distance of 25 to 30 meters high, this in order to prevent escapes or escapes since the “most aggressive” prisoners are kept in this pavilion, according to the interviewee.

Horacio Bustamante, director of La Picota prison He said that in that pavilion there are even people with diseases such as HIV, who have tried to throw fluids such as blood at the surveillance agents, and have also tried to harm the authorities with infected razor blades.