The “Tetris Effect Connected” hidden stage (1984 and 1989) has been picked up for a limited time. Commemorating the release of the movie “Tetris” | for the latest gaming and entertainment information

Apple TV + original live-action movie”Tetris]To commemorate the release of “tetris effect involvedHidden step of “1984“and”1989has been raised for a limited time.

The movie “Tetris” will be released on March 31, 2023 (Friday) through the streaming service “Apple TV]Distribution started. Based on the game of the same name, it is based on a true story about how the game “Tetris” has spread around the world.

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Commemorating the release of the live-action movie “Tetris”! “Tetris Effect Connected” Hidden platform unlocked for a limited time!

Unlock “1984” and “1989” hidden stages for a limited time!

To commemorate the release of the Apple TV + original live action movie “Tetris”,Linked Tetris® Effect]the hidden stages “1984” and “1989”, which could be unlocked by entering a secret code to reach a certain player level, have been unlocked for a limited time. This allows all players to play the hidden stage at any time during the phase.

“1984” and “1989” hidden stages can be played in Marathon EFFECT MODES, Free Marathon, Quick Play, and Mystery. Try!

*It will not be opened during the ZONE Marathon. note


Tetris Effect Connected (1984 & 1989) hidden stages are unlocked for a limited time!

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Apple TV + original live-action movie “Tetris” is available now!

How “Tetris” was invented and passed into the hands of players around the world. A live-action film depicting the process in a suspicious way will be distributed today on the streaming service “Apple TV +” from March 31, 2023 (Friday).

In 1988, in the midst of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, American video game salesman Henk Rogers learned of the existence of “Tetris,” invented by Soviet computer scientist Alexei Pajitnov, and decided to introduce it to the world. Taking a risk to travel to the Soviet Union, he meets Alexei, and the two of them scramble to spread Tetris to the masses. A world of lies and corruption stands in your way.

In the film, there is also a discussion scene with the late Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former president of Nintendo, played by Togo Igawa. If you’re a Tetris player, be sure to check out the Tetris movie!


Tetris – Official Trailer | Apple TV+

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What is Tetris Effect Connected?

Received a number of awardsInfinite Rez“or”LightsTetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of stylish hits like ”, and Monstars, who were responsible for these developments, gathered.
Tetris, one of the world’s most popular classic puzzle games, uses beautiful visuals and soothing music to immerse players in a way they’ve never seen, heard or felt before. We’ve evolved to be is a new “Tetris” that will let you play .

Along with the beautiful and fantastic 3D world, it magnifies the magical and mysterious immersion. Everything from the music, backgrounds, sounds, special effects, and even Tetris blocks fall, pulse, dance, glow, and explode in perfect sync with your controls.

Moreover, in this work, it has a completely new “ZONE” system. Players can stop time and Tetriminos from collapsing by entering the ZONE. You can also use ZONE to earn bonuses for clearing lines, or to survive dangerous situations that could lead to a game over.

A thought provoking, sensory single player

Over 30 different single player levels, each with their own unique soundtracks, sound effects, graphic style and backgrounds that evolve and change as you play.

In addition to Tetris players’ favorite marathon, sprint and ultra modes, there are over 10 different single player modes, including creative modern classic modes such as Purification and Mystery. You can also change the level, grade, and difficulty of the player so you can play again and again.

Multiplayer has plenty of battle modes and co-op play! Cross-platform compatible!

In the multiplayer mode, three people cooperate to defeat the AI ​​boss “Connected”,tetris effect“ZONE Battle”, a one-on-one battle mode using the unique “ZONE” system, and “Score Attack”, which competes for one-on-one scores.

・ Enjoy Tetris with players from all over the world in cross-platform multiplayer!

The long-awaited cross-platform multiplayer has become a reality, allowing Tetris Effect players around the world to play together across platform barriers.

– Feel free to play with your friends on any platform!

In RANK MATCH, you can play against players from other platforms, and in FRIEND MATCH, you can invite players from other platforms through a 4-digit code in the “Room ID Function”.

・ Let’s get excited not only by playing but also by watching!

In FRIEND MATCH “spectator mode”, up to 8 people including players can participate in one room. Spectators can use emotions during games to add to the game.

・ Classic style that feels nostalgic

It also features “Classic Score Attack”, which is based on the NES version of “Tetris” that appeared on home video game consoles over 30 years ago. In addition to the visual aspect, the controls and settings such as the abolition of the familiar call and hard hold cues in recent Tetris, fixed tetriminos immediately after landing, and random tetriminos generation are faithfully reproduced .
This Classic Score Attack has been added as a tribute to the professional level play of the “Classic Tetris World Championship” where players from all over the world compete for the top spot every year.

Find out more about Tetris Effect Connected here. Get information about new multiplayer features, patch notes, community guides, game tips and more.


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