The Thai baht weakened to the worst in 16 years at 37.20 baht per dollar.

Ms Kanchana Chokpaisarnsilp research executive officer Kasikorn Research Center revealed that today (September 21) The Thai baht depreciatesTest level 37.20 baht per dollar which is the levelweakThe best in almost 16 years before returning to close at 37.14 baht per dollar. depreciated compared to the level The market closed yesterday at 37.01 baht per dollar.

byThai bahtThe depreciation is also in line with the selling pressure of Asian currencies (inclyuan) in general, while the dollar is still supported by short-term US bond yields. before the Fed meeting which is expected to be a sign of continued tightening in monetary policy

At tonight’s Fed meeting the focus of investors will be on the size of this round of rate hikes, dot plots, and a new set of Fed economic projections.

As for tomorrow’s baht moving frame, it is expected to be between 37.00-37.30 baht per dollar.

The factor that must be monitored is the reaction of the financial markets to the results of the meetings. and the Fed’s strong indication of the position of foreign capitalyuan Including the monetary policy meeting of many central banks, including the Bank of Japan. central bank of indonesia central bank of the philippines central bank of taiwan central bank of switzerland and bank of england

Proofread…Silawong Sure

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