The ‘Thailand women’s national football team’ aims to win the Singapore 2024 Olympic Qualification

“Thai women’s national football team” There is a program to compete “Football Olympics 2024” The first qualifying round (Paris 2024 Women’s Football Tournament Round 1 Asian qualifier) ​​from March 28 to April 8 in Chonburi Province, where the “Thai national team” is in the good group together with Mongolia and Singapore for “football- foot of the Thai women’s national team” this set Under the supervision of the team Narupon Kaenson, the head coach. During the preparation of the team, a list of 25 players was announced, who were called into the Thai national team. On Saturday, March 25 and join the team on Monday, March 27, training at Bangkok Thonburi University Stadium, Bangkok until Wednesday, March 29 and travel to Chonburi Province to prepare for today’s first match which will compete for 5:00 pm with Singapore national team at Chonburi Stadium, Muang District, Chonburi Province

Narupon Kaenson, head coach of Thailand’s women’s national football team, said “Thai National Women’s Football”
Be able to join last Monday because in the women’s football league there is a competition Cause the team to practice only 3 days before entering the tournament, but confident that everyone This Thai national team It will be a new generation of players mixed with the middle generation A selection of rising star players to respond to the tactics in the shortest possible time will try to do my best There are some changes in the way of playing in case it fits with r modern football style. I’m sure the team will do well.

“The expectation of the team is to want to win. We play our first game against Singapore. It’s a team that’s constantly evolving, changing coaches. More importantly, his players are getting better. part of the Mongolian team He has developed quite a step forward. So you can’t underestimate any team,” Naruphon said.

Competition program “Women’s Olympic Football 2024” qualifying round, first round, Group D


Saturday, April 1 at 5:00 pm Singapore meets Thailand at the Chonburi Stadium, broadcast live on AIS Play.


Friday, April 7, at 5:00 pm, Thailand meets Mongolia at the Chonburi Stadium, broadcast live on AIS Play.

Competition schedule “2024 Women’s Football Olympics”, the first qualifying round (Paris 2024 Women’s Football Tournament Asian Qualifiers Round 1) between March 28 – April 8 in Chonburi Province

The 'Thailand women's national football team' aims to win the Singapore 2024 Olympic Qualification
List of Thai national team players Which is partly from young players while the original main force of the Thai national team There are no lists in this set.


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