The thesis of the witness Kim Kun-hee was selected as a witness only

The Democratic Party of Korea selected Lim Hong-jae, president of Kookmin University, and others as witnesses for the National Assembly’s Education Committee audit next month. This is the justification for revealing allegations of plagiarism by Kim Kun-hee, the wife of President Yoon Seok-yeol.

In a plenary meeting on the 23rd, the Education Committee of the National Assembly, the Democratic Party only, approved the presence of 11 witnesses and witnesses relating to Mrs.

In the process, members of the People’s Power told Yoo Ki-hong, chairman of the Democratic Party’s education committee, “It is political violence. It cannot be recognized as an anti-democratic act.” The adoption of witnesses without consultation between the secretaries of the judgment and the opposition parties is against the law of the National Assembly. However, Chairman Yoo rejected it, saying, “When no agreement was reached, it was dealt with in accordance with the principle of majority vote in accordance with the National Assembly Act.”

The People’s Strength Education Committee held an emergency press conference after the plenary on the same day and condemned “the Democratic Party is trying to use the head of the National Assembly as a forum for political strife.” Lee Tae-gyu, a member of the People’s Power, party secretary who controls the education committee, raised his voice saying, “The arbitrary and coercive handling of witnesses abducting and abducting witnesses by Chairman Yoo and members of the Democratic Party is unacceptable. as a riot that undermines parliamentary democracy.”

On this day, as there are many people involved in Mrs. Kim have been adopted as witnesses, other standing committees are expected to fight for the adoption of related witnesses between the opposition parties and the opposition parties. People’s Power has applied to the National Defense Commission for former President Moon Jae-in as a witness. Democratic lawmakers belonging to the Legislative and Judiciary Committee are considering adopting a witness for Mrs. Kim to investigate the manipulation of Deutsche Motors stock prices.

By Maeng Jin-gyu, staff reporter

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