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The third emergency disaster support payment will be advanced to January next year.

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▲ As the spread of Corona 19 increases, it is known that the party government is pushing ahead with a plan to advance the payment period for the third emergency disaster support from February next year to January. The photo shows the consultation desk prepared at the time of the second disaster support payment ⓒ Yonhap News

It is known that the government is pushing ahead with the third disaster subsidy payment in January next year to respond to the damage from the re-proliferation of Corona 19.

According to Yonhap News on the 13th, it is reported that the party government is considering a plan to advance the payment of the third disaster subsidy to January, which was planned before the February Lunar New Year holiday.

After the next year’s budget is confirmed by the National Assembly, the government is currently preparing detailed plans such as payment targets, amount, and timing. ‘3 trillion + ∝’won was set as the budget for the 3rd disaster support fund.

A senior government official said, “We are preparing customized support according to the scale and content of the damage while observing the pattern of the re-proliferation of Corona 19.”

Instead, the government has not confirmed the payment timing, but it is reported that it has formed a consensus that the payment period should be as soon as possible in consideration of the spread of Corona 19.

A key official of the Democratic Party said, “Since the distance to the metropolitan area has risen to the 2.5 stage, and the situation is not good, it is necessary to hurry to implement it early from January to places where support is possible.

Accordingly, the party government is expected to enter into detailed discussions for payment in January.

The reason why the government and the ruling party are slowing down the 3rd disaster support payment is because the spread of Corona 19 has seldom subsided and the suffering of the victims is deepening.

In fact, since the 24th of last month in the metropolitan area, gatherings at karaoke rooms, indoor sports facilities, and academies were prohibited as a second stage of distance. Movie theaters, PC cafes, reading rooms, marts, and stores are also restricted from operating.

Following the restrictions on business in August-September, small business owners and self-employed people came back to the edge of the cliff.

According to Korea Credit Data, the average sales of small business establishments nationwide in the first week of December fell to 0.77 in the same period last year as 1. Sales of small businesses in Seoul are 69% compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, the 3rd disaster subsidy is expected to be focused on self-employed and small business owners who suffered business losses due to increased distance.

In addition, 2 million won was paid to businesses where business is prohibited and 1 million won to businesses where business is restricted, and similar standards are expected to be applied in the third.

Instead, there is a possibility that the government will expand the payment target because of the fact that the spread of Corona 19 is strong.

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