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The third-generation Nissan Note e-POWER arrives in Hong Kong. Improved e-Power system + Japanese minimalist design

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With the recent increase in oil prices, it is not difficult to find that more and more electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are driving on the road. Today, Hecheng Motors launched the third-generation Nissan Note in Hong Kong e-POWER Compact small car, also following Serena e-POWER After the second paragraph adopted e-POWER The extended-range engine car has low fuel consumption, comparable acceleration and quiet performance to driving an electric car, coupled with a simple Japanese design and a large number of technological elements, which is quite attractive!

Brand new logo

The third-generation Note e-POWER is positioned with Advanced Compact Car. The frame adopts a CMF compact car platform with high strength and high rigidity cold stamping casting. The stylish new car’s appearance follows the timeless Japanese Futureism “immortal and futuristic” design of the new series of Ariya electric vehicles from the same factory. It focuses on minimalist design and emphasizes the use of advanced technology. In addition to adding a new brand logo for the first time and more The dynamic V-motion mask uses Full LED headlights and digital watch panels. The body size is 4,045mm x 1,695mm x 1,505mm (length x width x height), and the wheelbase is 2580mm. Although the body is 55mm shorter than the previous generation, and the wheelbase is also shortened by 20mm, the leg room in the rear seat is still quite wide. , Plus Zero Gravity Seats stress-relieving leather seats, the comfort level is comparable to that of a higher-level Hatchback model.

V-Motion Grill ghost mask has a strong sense of fashion

For the inner cage, Note e-POWER also follows the Ariya layout, equipped with a 7-inch digital watch panel and a 9-inch central control touch screen, which can display car navigation, multimedia entertainment and other information. In addition, the saddle in the middle of the front driver’s passenger seat is much higher than the previous generation, and can be comfortably used as a hand pillow. The whole car has a lot of storage space, and there is also a hidden cup holder design under the air-conditioning outlet, which conforms to the practical and simple design theme.

In terms of power, Note e-POWER adopts the second-generation e-POWER system and redesigned parts such as motors and inverters. At the same time, other components are also miniaturized, the inverter is reduced by 40%, and the weight is reduced by 30%. %, but the torque of the motor has increased by 10%, and the loss has increased by 6%, and the starting and overtaking have a better response. The new car is equipped with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, coupled with an electric motor code-named “EM47”. The maximum horsepower can reach 116 horsepower and 280Nm torque, and the fuel consumption is as low as 27.8 km/liter (WLTC) / 33.2 km/liter (JC08) .

Compared with Serena e-Power, the new Note e-Power uses the second-generation e-Power system, which is smaller and lighter, and is very suitable for small motorhomes.

The second-generation e-POWER system adopted by the new car incorporates the “start-up setting based on road conditions” technology that can control power generation according to road conditions. According to road conditions and vehicle speed, the engine will be actively activated to generate power on rough and noisy roads; while on flat roads, the intervention of the engine will be reduced to maintain the quietness of the car and greatly improve the driving comfort. In addition, Note e-POWER is also equipped with Nissan Intelligent Mobility advanced driving assistance system, including: IEB forward collision braking system, ITC active trajectory control, IFCW forward collision warning function, LDW lane departure warning, LI lane assist system, etc., plus standard configuration The 9 airbags provide better safety protection for drivers and passengers.The new NOTE e-POWER has 13 body color options, and the preview price starts at HK$219,000

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