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The third American political party, the “Advance Party”, was established, with Taiwanese-born Yang Anze serving as co-chairman. (Bloomberg, Euronews, synthesized by this newspaper.)

2022/07/28 18:44

[Compile Yang Fuyi/Taipei Report]”Reuters” reported that dozens of former U.S. Democratic and Republican officials announced on the 27th that they would establish a new national third party “Forward”, hoping to absorb the current bipartisan politics in the United States. Millions of voters frustrated by system failure. In the early days of the “Advance Party”, the Taiwanese Andrew Yang, who had competed in the Democratic presidential primary, and Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, will serve as co-chairs. Another option outside of the two parties.

Andrew Yang, former U.S. Representatives David Jolly and Whitman said in an op-ed in the Washington Post that the Progressive Party could bring Americans together, “America desperately needs a new party, one that reflects the Most moderate and rational voter-minded party”.

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“Reuters” and “The Hill” (The Hill) reported that the new “advance party” was formed by the integration of three forces, including former Trump-era White House official Miles Taylor (Miles Taylor), who served in the former Reagan administration. , the “Renew America Movement” formed last year by dozens of former Republican officials from the Bush administrations and Trump administrations; the “Advance Party” established by Andrew Yang after he left the Democratic Party last year; , Republicans, independents, and former U.S. Congressman Jory is the CEO of the “Serve America Movement” (Serve America Movement).

The leader of the Progressive Party will hold a series of events in more than 20 U.S. cities this fall to illustrate the concept of the party’s platform and garner support. They will hold a formal party founding event in Houston on September 24 this year, and will choose a major city for the first national party congress next summer.

At a time when American politics has become increasingly polarized and the political system is in a deadlock, the three political groups have gradually converged in recent years. The leader of the Progressive Party cited a Gallup poll last year that found a record two-thirds of Americans believed there was a need for a third party.

As the new third political party in the United States, the “Advance Party” has two pillars of its platform: “revitalize a fair and prosperous economy”, “give Americans more choices in elections, have more confidence in a functioning government, and have confidence in our future.” more say”.

The Progressive Party defines itself as a center line, but has yet to propose a specific policy. However, when it is formally established on the 28th, it will put forward a slogan: “How will we solve the major problems facing the United States? Don’t lean left, don’t lean right, move forward.”

The third party “Forward” in the United States will be co-chaired by Yang Anze (pictured), a Taiwanese who ran for the Democratic presidential primary, and Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey. (Bloomberg)

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