‘ The three Gandhis said to fight bravely; Not expecting support from big leaders

Kollam: Shashi Tharoor has said that there is no official candidate for the post of Congress President and Nehru’s family has directly informed them that they have no problem with him contesting.

“Before becoming an election candidate, he had met Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia Gandhi. They said they have no problem with competing. There is no official candidate. They approach the election impartially. Tharoor responded to the media when he arrived in Kerala as part of the campaign.

Even after becoming election candidates, the Nehru family is still in the same position. He explained that Soni Gandhi had asked the Chairman of the Election Authority, Madhusudhan Mistry, to declare that the Congress does not have an official candidate.

There is a strict directive that Congress officials should not participate in advertising campaigns. When Tharoor pointed out the public reactions of some leaders, the circular said that if you want to campaign like that, you have to resign from your post.

He added that KPCC President K Sudhakaran’s statement in favor of Kharge was personal. Voting will be strictly confidential. Can’t track who voted for whom. So, Tharoor said that no one should fear about it and let them vote according to their conscience.

It is planned to campaign in at least 12 states. Already went to Nagpur and Hyderabad. Rahul Gandhi had told me ten years ago that he wanted to contest for the post of party president. He has also said that it will benefit the party. At the same time, Tharoor added that he does not expect support from big leaders.

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