The three major legal entities bought more than 30.84 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks, foreign investors turned their heads, and the investment letter was terminated with 11 buys | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock Market Trend

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said that the good news stock price surged strongly, driving Taiwan stocks to regain 16,700 points and the 5th and 10th lines today (15). Electronic stocks returned to the mainstream of the market. Finance and transmission industry also blossomed. The final index rose by 393 points or 2.4. %, it closed at 16,781 points, the highest in the audience. Foreign investment turned back and bought 27.9 billion yuan. The three major legal entities bought more than 30.84 billion yuan. However, the investment letter terminated 11 consecutive purchases.

The trading value of the weighted index today is still less than 300 billion yuan. Observing the change in the bargaining chips of legal persons, foreign capital bought over 27.901 billion yuan, which is a continuous 2 buy; investment letter sold slightly over 299 million yuan, ending the trend of overweighting for 11 consecutive trading days; proprietary business switched to buying over 2.484 billion yuan, and the three major legal entities The total purchase exceeds 30.08 billion yuan.

TSMC’s law says it will release a number of positive signals. It is optimistic that production capacity will be tight until next year. With the influx of market purchases, today’s stock price soared by more than 4%. Contribute to the market by 225 points. Other foundries were simultaneously motivated. UMC’s stock price once stood back at the 60 yuan barrier, and finally closed at 59.1 yuan, an increase of 4.2%; the world rose more than 2% to close at 144 yuan.

The semiconductor group is fully expelled, and upstream silicon wafers are already in short supply. Driven by TSMC’s active expansion of factories, the price growth next year can be expected. The share prices of Hejing and Taishengke surged by more than 6% today, and Global Crystal is strong at 2.7%. In addition, the packaging and testing groups also performed well. ASE Investment Holdings led the rise by 2.7%, and Lingsheng, Chaofeng, Nanmao, Tongxin Electronics, SiGe, KYEC, Huatai and others also had 2-4% gains.

Five times coupons went on the road for a week, injecting vitality into department store anniversary celebrations and online shoppers’ performance. Next month, there will be a double eleven schedule to assist. The fourth quarter of operation is expected. Fubon Media even bounced back on the 2nd, standing back 1,700 yuan, an increase Nearly 5%, net homes also rose more than 4%. The domestic demand market continued to heat up. Catering stocks Wangpin and Gourmet-KY rose more than 1%. Travel agencies and hotel stocks were also favored by buyers. Good performance.


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