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Original title: The three major operators rushed to the same battlefield 5G officially commercialized to reshape the industrial structure

Our reporter Li Qiaoyu Trainee reporter He Wangjuan

The long-awaited 5G news has ushered in important progress.

January 25,China TelecomA press conference was held to officially announce the commercial use of 5G, which marked a new stage in the development of 5G news. November 2021,China UnicomAnnounced the launch of 5G messaging trial commercial; China Mobile completed the 5G messaging private network pilot.

“5G messaging has a wide range of application scenarios and huge market development space.” Tang Ke, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., quoted the forecast data of research institutions and pointed out that the annual market size of 5G messaging could exceed 100 billion yuan.

  Standard package will be launched

  Long-term coexistence with apps and small programs

“China Telecom has been actively deploying 5G messaging services since 2019.” Zhang Xiaojun, deputy general manager of the Marketing Department of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., said at the meeting that after more than two years, China Telecom has completed the construction of the 5G messaging platform, with commercial conditions for 5G messages.

Zhang Xiaojun also said that the current fee for sending and receiving 5G messages for individual users is the same as the charging model for ordinary short messages. China Telecom will provide service packages covering 5G messages for individual users; for enterprise users, it will implement diversified billing models according to different message types.

It is understood that the 5G message service is a new upgrade of the terminal’s native basic short message service.

For individual users, 5G messages can break the length limit of traditional short messages for each message, and can effectively integrate text, pictures, audio, video, location and other information in terms of content; for enterprises, 5G messages will provide them with Information interaction interface with individual users. On the whole, individual users can complete the reservation, payment, and change of service facilities such as air tickets, train tickets, and hotels by sending voice or text.

5G news is also considered to replace public service App products, and some people think that 5G news may replace social platforms such as WeChat.

“5G news is actually an upgrade of the operator’s traditional SMS business.” Communication industry analyst Fu Liang told the Securities Daily reporter that 5G news still lacks a certain degree of interactivity compared to the current WeChat and other apps. To replace WeChat There is still a certain difficulty in waiting for interactive chat software. “

Some experts in the 5G messaging working group, who did not want to be named, said, “5G messaging and mobile Internet applications such as apps and applets will coexist for a long time and compete together, but more will promote each other.”

  Mainly serve B-end users

  Expand the market space with annual revenue of 100 billion yuan

  Where does the market space of the order of 100 billion yuan come from?

“The B-side here is not only business, but also includes public and government services. 5G news is not based on marketing as the main business scenario.” The above-mentioned 5G news working group expert told the “Securities Daily” reporter that 5G news mainly serves B-side business, but From a long-term perspective, the masses will benefit. 5G messages can be applied to various native application scenarios directly related to user communication, user number, and user location. “For example, when a user calls the government service hotline and needs to provide location information but cannot explain the precise location information on the phone, the government hotline can push a 5G message and let the user obtain the location and upload it through the mobile phone. For another example, it can be applied to emergency warning information. spread quickly.”

The above-mentioned experts also pointed out that 5G news can also help some enterprises to cover the user groups that are difficult to be covered by traditional mobile Internet applications, and 5G news can also help some service entities reduce their dependence on Internet portals, reduce traffic drainage costs, and avoid information leakage.

Fu Liang told the “Securities Daily” reporter that the main commercial value of 5G news in the future lies in the cooperation of B-end customers. At present, it seems that the charging model of 5G news for C-end users is no different from the previous traditional SMS package, and the upgraded 5G news is more conducive to the spread of B-end advertising users.

An analyst in the communications industry of a brokerage told the “Securities Daily” reporter that 5G news relies on mobile terminals, so it will not have an impact on the current market structure of the three major operators. However, the platform distribution of the three major operators is different, and the impact on their industrial chain will be different.

“Technically, 5G news requires communication channels in various provinces to provide opening and landing support; in terms of business models, it needs to settle settlements with provinces; in addition, customers also need to connect with each province’s business. China Mobile has platforms in all provinces, while China Telecom is A centralized platform, so there will be differences in the impact of the industry chain.” The above-mentioned analyst explained.

The research report disclosed by Zheshang Securities believes that operators are continuously pipelined due to the impact of OTT, and the market is not optimistic about their 5G application expectations. “This pattern will change in the 5G era. 5G messaging has the distinctive characteristics of the Internet that can be rapidly iterated and evolved flexibly. At the same time, as a ‘connectable unified standard platform’, it has interoperability unmatched by OTT communications, and will truly realize messaging as a service. At the same time, with the comprehensive coverage of 1.6 billion message portals, as well as strong precision marketing capabilities and reach capabilities, operators are expected to change their unfavorable competitive position.”



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