The three major U.S. stock indexes collectively open new energy vehicle stocks in general rise

Original title: The three major U.S. stock indexes collectively open new energy vehicles.

On the evening of the 23rd, Beijing time, the three major US stock indexes collectively opened higher. The Dow rose 0.64%, the Nasdaq rose 0.52%, and the S&P 500 index rose 0.51%. New energy vehicle concept stocks generally rose,Ideal carRose more than 8%,Xiaopeng MotorsRose nearly 6%,Wei LaiAutomobiles rose more than 3%.

As of press time, the Dow rose 200.97 points to 29464.45 points, an increase of 0.69%; the Nasdaq rose 75.29 points to 11930.26 points, an increase of 0.64%; the S&P 500 index rose 20.34 points to 3,577.88 points, an increase of 0.57%.

The five sectors that led the gains on the disk were: aluminum rose 4.58%, automobile manufacturing rose 3.89%,Solar energyThe increase rate was 2.61%, the increase rate of coking coal was 2.58%, and theSalesThe increase was 2.22%.Among them, the leading stocks in the aluminum sector are up 12.88%China Aluminum, Up 4.57%Alcoathe company, Constellium Se (France), which rose 4.26%, and the leading gainers in the auto manufacturing sector were Greenpower Motor Company Inc, which rose 15.29%, Ayro Inc, which rose 13.6%, and 9.86%.Ideal car. The five sectors that led the decline were: silver fell by 2.65%,goldThe decline was 1.51%, the tobacco decline was 1.01%, and the telecomserviceThe decrease was 0.77%,enterpriseThe group’s decline was 0.67%.

  Technology stocksIn terms of well-known technology stocksappleFell 0.14%, Facebook rose 0.25%,AmazonUp 0.9%,MicrosoftRose 0.57%, Google rose 0.67%,NetflixUp 0.41%,TeslaRose 4.33%.

Dow 30Constituent stocksin,BoeingThe increase is more than 2%.

In terms of Chinese concept stocks, well-known Chinese concept stocksAlibabaUp 1.43%,BaiduUp 0.19%,JingdongUp 1.41%,NetEaseUp 1.83%,SinaFell 0.02%,SinaWeiboUp 0.32%,PinduoduoUp 2.68%,Wei LaiUp 3.96%,IQIYIUp 0.13%,ThunderUp 4.73%,MomoFell 1.16%,Happy timeFell 0.48%,HuyaFell 0.33%,BilibiliUp 2.8%,Car homeFell 1.97%.

170 of the US listed stocks rose.Happy carAdvantages of interactionNinth cityauroraNew oxygenDr. Carbon HoldingsChina AluminumGreenland Technologies Holding Corp, Solar Impulse,Canaan TechnologyWait for 10 stocks to be the top gainers, among themHappy carUp 57.1%,Advantages of interactionUp 46.75%,Ninth cityUp 18.15%,auroraUp 15.08%,New oxygenUp 13.47%.

74 Chinese concept stocks fell.Mavericks electric, Chinatown Supermarket,Hengyi ElectronicsInternational companies,Big new energyCowNetEaseYoudao, legendary creatures,Learn fromLufaxHolding,Eggshell ApartmentsWaiting for 10 stocks to fall among the top, among themMavericks electricFell 9.12%, Chinatown supermarket fell 8.97%,Hengyi ElectronicsInternational companies fell 7.4%,Big new energyFell 6.2%,CowFell 3.94%.

EuropemarketOn the other hand, as of press time, the British FTSE 100 index reported 6,340.39 points, a decrease of 0.17%; the French CAC40 stock index reported 5,514.48 points, an increase of 0.34%.

In the oil market, WTI crude oilfuturesIncreased 1.09% to 42.883USD/Barrel; Brent crude oil futures rose 1.51% to 45.639 US dollars / barrel.

In other markets,Dollar indexIt fell 0.14% to 92.2600.EURThe dollar rose 0.14% to 1.1868.GBPThe dollar rose 0.54% to 1.3349. The dollar/yen fell 0.1% to 103.7600.

United StatesWITHEXGold futuresFell 0.5% to US$1863.030/ounce

(Source: Sino-Singapore Jingwei)

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