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The three-speed engine shuts off early in ’46 seconds’… Researchers cry at disappointment

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The government’s explanation is that the first test launch of the Korean space launch vehicle Nuri was also part of the development process, so it is difficult to define success or failure.

Still, it was a pity that the last three-speed engine was turned off 46 seconds earlier than the target and could not speed up.

The working-level staff who announced the results were also saddened by the disappointment.

First, reporter Oh Hae-jeong reports.

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The speed of the last three-stage rocket did not support it.

In order for the projectile to land the model satellite in the target orbit, the 7-ton engine in the third stage had to run for 521 seconds. 46 seconds was not enough.

The model lost its orbit and fell off the coast of southern Australia.

[이창진/건국대 항공우주공학과 교수]

“Because it turned off 46 seconds earlier, so there was less acceleration. It’s not in that orbit. It’s in that orbit and then it starts to fall.”

It is possible that the fuel tank pressure was insufficient, or the valve controlling the amount of oxidant or fuel suddenly closed.

Several researchers said in common that the engine was not faulty.

Nuri succeeded in separating the first stage propellant and the second stage rocket engine, which were considered the most difficult in the first launch.

That’s why I said ‘I’m sorry’, so many times.

[고정환 개발본부장/항공우주연구원]

“Everything was exactly right, but the burning time was short and it was a pity that I couldn’t get on the track in the end.

The first projectile success is that difficult.

Only 27% of the world’s advanced countries in space succeeded in the first space launch vehicle developed by themselves.

However, as it was a difficult task, it was more valuable, so it was deeply regrettable that I could not announce the perfect success.

[권현준 거대공공연구정책관/과기부]

“I think we are almost to the end and there is one last step left. Please encourage us to make it a success in May next year.”

The government has formed a launch investigation committee to find out the cause of the early shutdown of the three-stage engine and to correct the problems to promote the second launch next year.

This is Oh Hae-jeong from MBC News.

Video Editing: Shin Jae-ran

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