The top 10 stocks “Foreigners” buy the most, “DELTA” comes to win a new round of SET50-SET100

Thailand’s stock market last week (28 November – 2 December) with a total trading value of 304,963.91 million baht, withStock Exchange of Thailand Index (SET Index) Trading closed at the end of the week at 1,641.63 points, up 1.28% from last week’s end of 1,620.84 points.

– Foreign investors bought a net of 4,492.59 million baht.

– Securities company account with a net purchase of 277.95 million baht

– Net institutional investors buy 1,073.50 million baht

– Net sales of domestic retail investors of 5,844.03 million baht

However, considering purchasing the account “NVDR” (NVDR) which is an alternative for foreign investors to buy Thai stocks, the latest information from December 2 found that

The top 10 stocks most bought by foreign investors are:

1. DELTA net purchase value 313.42 million baht

2. CPALL net purchase value 312.27 million baht

3. Net purchase value of BDMS 125.64 million baht

4. Net purchase value of the GULF 95.66 million baht

5. MAKRO net purchase value 93.65 million baht

6. Net purchase value of TLI 68.20 million baht

7. JWD net purchase value 65.57 million baht

8. TIDLOR net purchase value 59.81 million baht

9. SPALI net purchase value 49.02 million baht

10. Net purchase value BAM 47.34 million baht

The top 10 stocks most sold by foreign investors are:

1. Net sales value of KBANK 414.67 million baht

2. Net sales value of HANA 251.62 million baht

3. Net sales value of THG 178.25 million baht

4. PTTEP Net sales value 162.07 million baht

5. BBL net sales value 150.99 million baht

6. Net sales value of SCC 150.93 million baht

7. AOT net sales value 141.96 million baht

8. Net sales value of PTTGC 132.85 million baht

9. CPF net sales value 129.33 million baht

10. KCE net sales value 98.45 million baht

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