The Top Five Deposits List for 2022

The Top Five Deposits List for 2022

Since the beginning of this year, there has been continuous bad news in the market Unfavorable factors such as the Russian-Ukrainian war, intensified inflation, and rising interest rates and shrinking balance sheets have caused the stock market to enter a bearish downward trend more than 25%.

Although the market is full of various adverse factors, and the weighted index continues to fluctuate at a low level, there are still some individual stocks that are outperforming the wider market, among which the performance stock prices of blue chip stocks are relatively defensive. If you want to enter the market to buy stocks right now, as far as the industry is concerned, choose traditional stocks with long-term profits and stable dividends, rather than electronic technology stocks with constant noise the market.

In terms of share capital, small and medium stocks with less corporate involvement are better than large capacity stocks held by foreign investors; in terms of regions, domestic demand stocks that are less affected by the global recession or those that are used in a globally dispersed market Stable champions are the best choice.

If long-term deposit is the main consideration, I offer 5 best deposit lists for your reference. These 5 stocks are:Hongquan (9939), ZTE (1513), Sakura (9911), Chongyou (4506), Bonte (4107). In addition to being traditional stocks, their common conditions also meet the following conditions: 1. They have been able to make a consistent profit every year in the last 10 years. 2. The company has been able to distribute stable cash dividends every year for the last 10 years. 3. In the near future, the company’s operations are expected to remain stable or continue to grow.

– Top Five Deposits List –

The Top Five Deposits List for 2022The Top Five Deposits List for 2022

The Top Five Deposits List for 2022

Recently, Hongquan, a major packaging and beverage OEM, announced that its revenue in August reached 2.598 billion yuan, an annual increase of 39%, a new monthly high, pushing the stock price up for six consecutive rises to 83.6 yuan , and the cumulative return on investment so far this year has exceeded 23 % % , far better than the market !

Looking ahead to 2022, the Group expects double digit growth with the addition of new customers, new production lines and new products, among which Taiwan will grow 5~10%, China will grow 10~15%, and South -east Asia is growing. growing 15~20% the fastest growing region. The legal person estimates that the annual EPS is expected to challenge 7.5 yuan. Based on the 2022 EPS forecast, Hongquan’s price-earnings ratio is just over 10 times, and the yield rate is more than 5%, which is one of the best deposit listings at the moment.

ZTE mainly has six business groups, including heavy power, new energy, mainland business, system engineering, Dudu room parking lot and CNC. Among them, power supply equipment and new energy are the most important driving forces for growth future revenue. Regarding Taipower’s Total budget Thanks to a 300 billion yuan ten-year plan to strengthen the resilience of the power grid, ZTE received an order for Taipower’s 345K high-voltage gas-insulated high-voltage switch (GIS) this year The amount of order is more than 16 billion yuan, it is expected to grow year by year.

The legal person estimates that EPS will have the opportunity to challenge 5 yuan in 2022. With the blessing of Taiwan’s energy transition and the opportunity to replace old and new power equipment, ZTE’s future prospects are not bleak, and should investors continue to track it.

Sakura is the leading kitchen and bathroom appliance factory with the largest market share in Taiwan. In recent years, the company is optimistic about the domestic demand for water purifiers and home interior decoration, and has made a large-scale installation in the water purifier market ■ The new growth momentum of cherry blossoms. In order to expand the research and development and production plan of smart products, the capital expenditure will reach 400-500 million yuan per year in the next five years, and the overall investment will reach 1.3 billion to 1.5 billion yuan. Ten billion club of dollars.

Since I shared cherry blossoms with you in 2018, my opinion on cherry blossoms has never changed. If you’re chasing the short-term explosive power of the stock price, Sakura is definitely not for you, but if you want to save a stock that can grow steadily and have a clear operating outlook, with more than 1,700 of individual stocks listed on the Taiwan market, Sakura is definitely one of the first choices in my mind. .

Chongyou is a well-known elevator manufacturer in Taiwan, with long-term stable operation. Looking forward to the future, Chongyou has three major growth drivers, which are new elevator sales, replacement and maintenance. High order visibility makes the company have good growth prospects. The aging population and the demand for high-rise housing in the new residential market are expected to increase the Group’s profit growth space in the future.

If I wanted to save, I would not consider buying financial stocks, because most financial stocks underperform the broader market indices in the long term, that is, if I intend to hold a stock for a long time, I would considering the stable growth of both. and dividends, and Chongyou is one of the eligible stocks.

Bont is the first professional medical material manufacturer in Taiwan that has passed CE MARK, GMP and FDA 510(k) international certification and passed US FDA inspection. , puncture needles, vascular catheters, surgical tubes, key components, etc. The product has excellent competitive strength, which is also reflected in the high long-term gross profit, but the profit is expected to grow significantly, which may need to wait until the new factory is officially mass produced in 2024. On at this stage, Pound has the characteristics of stable income and anti-fall, and the future growth momentum is worth looking forward to. For investors chasing stable returns, this is a good time to consider a bargain .

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