The total transaction volume of 933 “Daily Selfie” NFT series of Indonesian college students exceeded one million US dollars | HYPEBEAST

Ghozali Ghozalu, a university student in Indonesia, uploaded a total of 933 selfies he took in front of his computer every day between the ages of 18 and 22 (2017-2021) to the NFT platform OpenSea for sale, initially at 0.001ETH (about $3 USD).Then in Indonesia Celebrity Chef Arnold Poernomo As well as some NFT hunters released related memes and collective propaganda, the floor price of this series soared to a maximum of 0.9ETH.

So far, the total transaction volume of the NFT series “Ghozali Everyday” has reached 311ETH, which is about more than $1 million. In addition to attracting attention in the NFT industry, Ghozali Ghozalu’s creative behavior has also appeared in many news media in Indonesia after his popularity. Interested readers may wish to continue to pay attention to relevant information.

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