The tragedy that Phayao collides with 3 bodies of kinship pickup 1 more

March 2, 2021 23:27

Dark way – without fire, the pickup truck dashed across the other lane. Coordinate with another On Chambon-San Pu Loei Road, Phayao Province, serious injuries, 1 died on the 2nd, and the other 1 died while sending the hospital, totaling 3 corpses, while the villagers saw the incident, they were shocked. When walking to see because both cars are relatives Leave the relevant departments to fix the lighting.

At 19.00, on March 2, 64, Police Lieutenant Colonel Thawee Kaew Chomkaew, the officer of the police officer at Chiang Kham Police Station, received the accident notification of a pickup truck collision on Sai Chambon-San Pu Loei Road, Ang Thong In Chiang Kham District, Phayao Province, there were injuries and deaths. Therefore went to investigate With rescuers of the Siam Ruam Jai Foundation, Chiang Kham

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The scene was a fairly dark road. There is no light on the side of the road, found 2 pickup trucks colliding in a demolished state. The first is a pickup truck, Isuzu D-Max, silver bronze, the license plate on -6047 Phayao, in which the car found two deaths, known as Mr. Lertkatip, 54 years old (driver) and Mr. Boon. Won type 77 years old (passenger), the other is a pickup truck. Brand Toyota Tiger D4 D blue license plate F-6743 Phayao, which drives across the lane to the other side of the road The two people were seriously injured. Knowing the name of Mr. Kriengkrai Khaikaew age 59 years (driver) occupation contractor – construction. The other person was a passenger who did not know the name. Help the two injured from the wreckage. And hurriedly taken to the Chiang Kham Hospital, but Mr. Kriengkrai died while taking him to the hospital

Mrs. Kruawan Katip, 52 years old, wife of Mr. Lert, one of the deceased. Tell both of your tears that The husband has a general employment job. Every day, my husband has to travel to Ban Rong Chae, Thoeng District, Chiang Rai Province, and will return home using the aforementioned route regularly in the evening. But this time, my husband had an accident. He and his daughter did not make it in time. Therefore very shocked and helpless

Mr Sombat Khamphon, 50, a villager who witnessed the incident said that during the early evening, he saw the car of Mr. Kriengkrai, one of the dead, driving normally, but for a while he heard a strong crash. Without knowing that the other car belonged to Mr. Lert, when he walked over there, he was shocked because the two cars were all relatives He therefore hurriedly called the relatives of the 2 cars immediately and immediately urged the staff to come to help. As for this road He would like to leave the relevant officials to help him improve the route. By setting up a bright light as well Because this route has many accidents

Preliminary police officer Will collect evidence And examining witnesses at the scene of the accident To find the real cause

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