The transit of Uranus affects the 12 zodiac signs as follows.

The transit of Uranus affects the 12 zodiac signs as follows.

Aries : Will change love, change direction will lose love But it’s like coming back and starting over.
A fresh start would be great. What makes us not right should step back

Taurus : Maratyu Rahu is in a job, which is in ruin, which means it will be moved, change job Keep calm Don’t panic, don’t sway and you will survive.

Gemini : Rahu is the representative of travel, fame, Rahu moves in fortune. Be bang! Famous, famous, work will be excellent, travel will have luck, go to foreign countries, but be careful not to be betrayed by gossip.

Cancer : Rahu represents health but enters Gamma will be able to move to the branch of work. Be careful to work hard until you feel sick. You have to be someone who solves the problem It’s a lot of work.

Leo : Mrityu Rahu is in a position where lovers enter Supa. Love will be good. Marriage life will be excellent.
happier No sadness, no sadness. You can travel. Let’s go, let’s go. Many people may come in. Be careful with those who have a family or a lover who likes it too.

virgo : Deadly Rahu is in enemy position. Moved to the house of death Enemies will be defeated by threats. Problems with a beak will die because of your mouth. We will win!!! Number 1, but be very careful about health or you will have a chance to resign and change job.

Libra : In mortal, the representative of the subordinates, moving back to the position of the spouse.
You will have a new love so you can break up with your boyfriend. But finding love in a confusing, shocking way, getting a chance to meet someone who doesn’t think it’s right, hahaha, and there are couples who are younger than the most confused, but have to admit that it must be CU with the old one first. The business we do together will be broken!!! But we start again.

Scorpio : Be careful about old problems like old debts or lost a lot of money at home People at home open their hands and ask for it It’s boring Be careful when arguing with the house. The answer is to be quiet, don’t pay attention.

Sagittarius : There will be new fans, new projects, there will be people to flirt with, but people are close to home. Finds chaos to be careful of pregnancy without a plan Come in a confusing way, can travel on a new business, a new life, oh yes in these three months

Capricorn : he will get a new house, a new car In these three months, or get a new job, a new business, have the opportunity to receive an inheritance.

Aquarius : can go back to live with strange society in the last three months and then come back to live the same life Beware of society that causes headaches Or someone made us live a strange life in three months.

Pisces : He will get strange money, popular, confused, during these 3 months, earn money in a confusing way can start a business which he has never done before, but be careful about finances during these three months, you should be aware, don’t be greedy, keep going. light enough luck

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