The treasury extends the online debt recovery registration period until 31 January 23. Recently, 1.2 hundred thousand people have registered.

The treasury extends the online debt recovery registration period until 31 January 23. Recently, 1.2 hundred thousand people have registered.

November 19, 2022 Arkhom Termpittayapaisith Mr Finance Minister revealed that the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Thailand (BOT) have organized a debt relief fair to solve household debt problems This is in line with the government’s policy that 2022 will be the year for solving household debts. with the opening of online debt repair registration that will end in November 2022. Recently, the registration period has been extended until January 31, 2023 so that the public can have comprehensive access to the project.

It is also consistent with the event. “Debt Resolution Fair” with a debt to fix Sustainable Beginnings”, a traveling expo across 4 regions, which will also end at the end of January 2023. And state financial institutions have organized the event 2 times, the first time in Bangkok. and this second work held in Khon Kaen From 18-20 November, which has attracted the attention of the public to discuss a large number of debt solutions.

“As to whether additional measures will be announced to take care of debtors or not. Now the economy is starting to improve. If people want liquidity to improve job creation and income All state financial institutions have credit measures to look after. Will there be a New Year’s gift for or not? Currently, the Ministry of Finance is collecting And asked for details again,” said Mr Arkom.

Mr Arkom said that the activities within the expo still include repairing the original debt By relaxing the installment terms Extending the repayment period Reducing the interest accrued Low interest loans Loans without collateral Extra Long Repayment Free Special Interest Deposit Products to Promote Savings consulting business solution financial advisor business information and providing financial information, investment and savings, and sale of APC assets of financial institutions and private companies.

side Mr Chatchai Sirilai Managing Director of the Government Housing Bank (GHB) as Chairman of the State Financial Institutions Association He said that at the moment the customers of the state bank. register online To participate in the debt recovery program, more than 1.2 hundred thousand people, in the next step, the Ministry of Finance will screen again which banks are customers Then, customers will choose whether they want to come to the booth at the event. or go through a bank branch to resolve a debt If you come to the booth, you will receive special privileges, such as those of the GHB, with interest payments of only 1,000 baht for a maximum of 24 months, helping to support customers who have the ability to repay their debts during the economic downturn. recover

“Organising this debt recovery fair It will restructure debt for customers. in order to have the ability to pay debts This will help support customers for up to 2 years,” said Mr Chatchai.

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