The Tuk advises FA to listen to footballers War Elephants should get forwards coach – news

Captain Tuk Piyapong Pewon, former Thai national team striker Sutton is a war elephant, defeating Malaysia, missing the opportunity to win the King’s Cup. Suggests the Football Association hires a striker coach

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The Captain of the Tuk Piyapong Phiewreen commented on the Watermelon Long Piyapongying program about the work of the army. Thai national team “Chang Suek”. who can only trail Malaysia 1-1 before losing on penalty kicks with a total score of 4-6, miss the King’s Cup final 48 in Chiang Mai province It’s time for Thailand’s national team to have forwards coach.

The Thai national team striker legend said, “So far the Thai national football team does not have a striker coach. It will be like this for life in every generation. You kill the buffalo, you regret the salt. But you never took a striker with a lot of experience, like Sarayuth Chaikhamdee, Pipat Tonkanya, a footballer with experience playing striker. Take it as the national team coaching staff in the development of strikers of all ages, none of them.”

“I saw on the sidelines only people who were not strikers. Someone who is not a former national footballer People who do not know the science of football Why don’t you look at the point where it is deep? Get any staff You will add another striker coach. I’ve been campaigning for a few years. You still haven’t listened to me. Incidents like this still happen.”

“Suphanat Mian-ta fell out of one 2 times and had to get a goal. Why don’t you find something like this to add to the clarity of Supanut? be strong It must be filled in at this point. Society please Get a striker coach to help in all age groups. It will cost a bit of money.”

“Everyone is ready to help. But you never called the previous national team. Call someone who can help. cause a lot of pain to the team Thai people are in a lot of pain Not a bad footballer But it’s more about transferring to footballers. I have to learn that we have to fix it.”

“I said we will go beyond ASEAN. Have you crossed over yet? Not yet. Go back and start again. Let’s work together Do you believe people in football? Still updating We’re always supportive We make mistakes, we can fix them. But don’t be stubborn, stubborn. Otherwise Thai football will continue to be like this. “

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