‘The Tuk’ hits hard, ‘Chang Suek’ can’t play like a pineapple Dark first half form

‘The Tuk’ hits hard, ‘Chang Suek’ can’t play like a pineapple Dark first half form

After “Chang Suek”, the Thai national football team Heartbreak, lost on penalties to Malaysia’s “Yellow Tigers”, lost to the final of the 48th “King’s Cup” football match

The opinion of people in the football industry such as “The Tuk” Piyapong Piyapong, speaking in the program “Watermelon Long Piyapong Ying” fiercely, noting that the Thai team is playing at home, has an advantage in every goal The player is 100 percent, so you have to look at the inside

“I have to admit that playing with Malaysia Our game…let me say it’s not a pineapple in the first half, I made a show, I support the national team. But this is the first time I’ve said that. The word is not pineapple. Because we can’t fix a Malaysian press in the back. Although our footballers have been through good practice professional footballers This is the coach’s challenge.”

The Tuk went on to say that the next story, the situation, unpacks the ball and likes to stick it on the side, deposit it and go, like an old man playing. Modern football requires 1-1 dribbling for overlapping friends to attack quickly. Before he could do it in the 36th minute, Hemwiboon, the two Malays, went deep, while Supachai Jaidet was very lonely, he had no body to play, there was no creativity in this game. I can’t think of a way while in the middle allow me to say “Is there?” Have you played? how to move Mano has to do his homework.

“In the first half I saw a dark black in Thai football,” said The Tuk.

The legend of Thai football goes on to say that But in the second half, watch Mano Polking change faster, get more dimensions. It’s more football But it became a rush of 5 people to be in the midfield line. But standing still, so blocking, not second, interlaced, but the attack pattern is good. The second half had to admit that the fate of the scoring was a problem.

“As long as the Thai football team does not have a forwards coach, it will be like this for life. I saw on the sidelines but there were people who were not strikers. I have been campaigning for a few years. You don’t listen to me. Suphanat (looks like an eye) called out twice, it must be a goal ,” said The Tuk. with an example named Sarayuth Chaikhamdee, Phiphat Tonkanya who should be taken as a coach

“You cannot go beyond ASEAN. have to come back again Please believe some people in football. Thai people are always encouraging. But don’t be stubborn, stubborn.”

The Thai national team also have a program to compete for 3rd place against Trinidad and Tobago at the Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium, Chiang Mai on September 25 at 8:30 pm

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