The TV series “Ice, Rain and Fire” begins to air

The TV series “Ice, Rain and Fire” begins to air

2022-08-16 17:31:02Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Net News, written and directed by Fu Dongyu, starring Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo, and starring Wang Jinsong, Liu Yijun, Huang Yiwei, etc., broadcast the criminal investigation suspense drama “Ice Rain and Fire” “Airborne” . The drama tells the story of the lone hero Wu Zhenfeng (played by Chen Xiao) and the anti-drug police officer Chen Yu (played by Wang Yibo), two brothers, who joined hands to break into the drug cartel and eventually eliminate the drug dealers.

The TV series “Ice Rain and Fire” began three years ago when Wu Zhenfeng’s (Chen Xiao) father, Wu Gang, was killed for drug dealing. Wu Zhenfeng (Chen Xiao) was dismissed from the police because he did not believes his father is involved in drug trafficking, so he recklessly violated discipline and was expelled from the police force. Yu (Wang Yibo) tries to stop Wu Zhenfeng (Chen Xiao) from leaving the country and fights with drug dealers, but Wu Zhenfeng (Chen Xiao) has been kidnapped by drug dealers, and there has been no news since. Three years later, Chen Yu (Wang Yibo) found clues at the scene of a murder case and began to suspect that Wu Zhenfeng had returned to China. Since then, the fate of both has been completely rewritten. In the updated episode, the policeman “Liu Guang” played by Huang Yiwei was brought out quickly, from receiving the police, sending the police, recording, and collecting evidence at the same time.

According to reports, in order to shape the role of the people’s police, Huang Yiwei kept trying to figure out the role in private, watched police documentaries, and dug into the heart of police characters at work, so that he could devote himself to the great characters and try his best to interpret them. It is said that Huang Yiwei is known to the public for his Ma Qiang in “Parallel Lost”, and he has filmed “Falling Flowers”, “Savage Growth”, “Dream Capture”, this time in the suspenseful theme “Ice”. Rain and Fire” Liu Guang, a police officer in the middle, made the audience’s eyes shine even more. Vibrant and full roles, constantly exploring and learning, have laid a solid foundation for his acting skills .

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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