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The first edition of the National Day of the State-Private Sector Partnership took place this Tuesday in Lomé, a meeting which made it possible to “consolidate the links” between the two parties, in order to boost the national economy.

Placed under the theme: “Private sector: Engine of the structural transformation of the national economy”, this meeting is organized by the Consultation Committee-State private sector and German cooperation.

Several economic operators were at the rendezvous: members of the government, business leaders, representatives of employers’, professional and consular organizations of the private sector and heads of financial institutions.

Main objective of this meeting: to give all economic operators a good understanding of the 2025 government roadmap and the reforms undertaken to improve the business climate.

Partial view of support

The meeting aims to take stock of the partnership between the State and the private sector in Togo, consolidate the achievements and gather the opinion of economic operators with a view to maintaining a favorable business climate in Togo.

“The National Day of State-Private Sector Partnership aims to consolidate the ties of partnership between the Government and the private sector, to strengthen the bases of dialogue and to promote the private sector for the good of the national economy. This event marks an important step in the development of our State-private sector consultation framework,” said Sani Yaya (Minister of Economy and Finance).

According to him, the central theme of this day “reflects the major role that the private sector plays in the national economy as well as the government’s confidence in this key partner of our national economy”.

Support View

Above all, the minister emphasized the “great attention” that the government pays to dialogue with the private sector. “How could it be otherwise, when we know that the government’s roadmap is largely based on the mobilization and commitment of the private sector to support and finance a large part of the priority projects included therein. That’s about 50%.”

“This is why I am also delighted by the massive presence of senior executives and business leaders, which testifies to their adherence to this spirit of partnership, consultation and permanent dialogue initiated by the Government and which is making its merry way “, greeted Mr. Yaya.

‘Innovative system of collaboration between the State’

Several themes were developed through panels by ministers, high-ranking personalities from the private sector and eminent experts, who enriched their reflections, analyzes and proposed solutions, the summaries of which will serve as a basis for reflection for the strengthening dialogue between the State and the private sector for the promotion and development of the Togolese private sector.

A focus was also made on the issue of taxation for the development of the private sector, a factor on which some economic operators have insisted.

Visit of the stands

“This day is for us, the opportunity to remind ourselves of our attachment to this promising dialogue as well as our commitment to make the most of it both for the private sector and for its natural partner: the State”, underlined Laurent Tamegnon (president of Togolese employers).

“The theme of this day challenges us to rethink our economy, to aim in particular to redesign production and processing circuits for a balanced benefit between the actors of production at the base: the processors and the end consumers. It is a matter of going far beyond the notion of public-private partnership which would be limited to the awarding of contracts or works by the State to private sector operators. The new option rather aims to move towards an innovative system of collaboration between the State and its privileged partner for the implementation of the 2025 government roadmap,” he added.

“We have very good intentions and ambitions, but the momentum on which these ambitions must be based is certainly not following. We are always talking about paradigm and it is time for us to change the paradigm. We are already in Togo, we are already investing there and we want to invest more”, supported Jonas Daou, president of the Association of Large Companies of Togo (AGET).

Participants and officials

Note that on the sidelines of this day, several Togolese companies exhibited their products.

As a reminder, the holding of this meeting was announced last April during the first meeting of the year of the State-Private Sector Consultation Committee. FIN

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