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Original title: The U.S.-Russian game intensifies the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine? Expert interpretation→

In the past few days, the United States and NATO have been negotiating with Russia while hyping Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and have been carrying out military deployments in full swing, transporting weapons and troops to Ukraine, and calling for the withdrawal of personnel stationed in Ukraine. Some media said that according to past experience, this is the United States preparing for a possible war or military conflict. Is the situation in Ukraine getting worse? What do you think of the actions of the United States?

In addition, while other NATO countries followed the United States in sending arms and special forces to Ukraine, Germany, a member of NATO, was a little different and refused to provide weapons to Ukraine. There will also be talks with France to discuss the situation in Ukraine. What do you think of the actions of Germany and France? At the same time, Turkey also hoped to facilitate a meeting between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey, but was poured cold water. Why do experts think talks in Turkey are ‘unrealistic’? Is it possible for Russia and Ukraine to sit down for talks? In today’s space-time observation, we will focus on these issues. Let’s take a look at the actions of the United States these days through a short video.

According to Reuters, Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov posted on social media on the 23rd local time that a new batch of weapons provided by the United States to Ukraine has arrived in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The arms weighed more than 80 tons. He stressed that U.S. military aid “is not over yet.” A day earlier, a shipment of arms weighing about 90 tons arrived in Kiev, including “lethal” weapons and ammunition for use on the front lines in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.

Reznikov said on the same day that the United States approved an additional US$200 million worth of military aid to Ukraine in December last year, and the US approved a total of about US$650 million in military aid to Ukraine in 2021. Since 2014, the United States has cumulatively provided Ukraine with more than $2.7 billion in military aid.

While the weapons are being delivered, the U.S. is also evacuating personnel. The U.S. State Department said in a statement on the 23rd that it authorized the “U.S. government staff” of the U.S. embassy in Ukraine to voluntarily evacuate Ukraine, and asked their families to evacuate from Ukraine. The statement also called on all U.S. citizens in Ukraine to consider withdrawing from Ukraine. The State Department will review the evacuation over the next 30 days.

Russian media: Ukrainian army deploys weapons and equipment near the eastern ceasefire line

On the 23rd, a number of Russian media quoted a spokesman for the civil armed forces in eastern Ukraine as saying that the Ukrainian army had deployed the “Hurricane” multiple rocket launcher system near two settlements in the northwest of Slavyansk. According to Russian media reports, the Ukrainian military has deployed eight multiple rocket launcher systems in eastern Ukraine. The report quoted a representative of the eastern Ukrainian armed forces as saying that Ukraine is preparing to launch a war in the eastern region.

Simultaneously announced military exercises, the United States and Russia used military exercises to “fight the ring”?

Just as the situation in Ukraine is raging, the United States and Russia have officially announced the news of the military exercise almost at the same time in the past two days.

Russia announced that it will mobilize more than 60 aircraft, more than 140 warships and 10,000 troops in the next few weeks to hold all-round maritime exercises in the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and Mediterranean; US Department of Defense spokesman Kirby also announced that 24 The maritime exercise code-named “Neptune Strike-22”, which began on 21st February, will last until 4th February. The United States will send the “Truman” aircraft carrier and its aircraft carrier strike group. Some analysts believe that the pertinence is very obvious.

Why is NATO “igniting” France and Germany “extinguishing fire”?

Therefore, some people say that the United States and NATO are “igniting fire”, while France and Germany are “extinguishing fire”. Why is the French-German pace somewhat inconsistent with NATO, especially the German response?

  Special commentator Su Xiaohui:There is a fierce game between the United States and Russia, there are also huge differences within NATO, and the United States and Europe have different understandings of European security issues. The United States is trying to dominate European security issues. There are also different voices within Europe. Some traditional European countries and Eastern European countries are divided on how to deal with Russia. There are also different opinions among major powers. For example, the UK’s position is close to that of the US, while France and Germany prefer to solve problems through dialogue rather than intensifying conflicts. Therefore, on the issue of European security, the United States has different understandings from Europe and within Europe, and the Ukraine issue has made these contradictions increasingly prominent. Energy security is also an important aspect. For Germany, Germany does not want the Nord Stream-2 to become a victim of the game of all parties. Germany hopes to ensure European energy security and play a pivotal role in European energy issues. Despite previous threats from Germany, the Nord Stream-2 project would be abandoned if Russia launched military operations against Ukraine. However, from the current point of view, Russia has continuously emphasized that without the intention to launch an offensive, it has become Germany’s goal to eliminate the current tension through negotiation and diplomacy, so as to make the situation a soft landing, so as to keep the “North Stream-2” project. Policy choices. For the United States, instead, it hopes to seize the current disputes and strive for a place for American companies in energy cooperation as much as possible, so that more liquefied natural gas from the United States can enter Europe.

Turkey is willing to urge Russian and Ukrainian heads of state to meet, experts think it is “unrealistic”

In the past few days, Turkey has also expressed its willingness to facilitate the meeting between the heads of state of Russia and Ukraine. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he intends to facilitate a meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents in Turkey. But then a basin of cold water was poured over it. A media reporter asked on the 21st whether Putin and Erdogan had discussed the meeting between the heads of state of Russia and Ukraine and whether Russia was preparing for the meeting. Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said that there was nothing to say about the meeting. The Russian Satellite News Agency also quoted experts’ opinions and reported that it is unlikely that the Russian and Ukrainian heads of state will meet in Turkey. Why is it “unrealistic” for the Russian and Ukrainian heads of state to meet in Turkey? Is the meeting between the heads of state of Russia and Ukraine impossible?

  Special commentator Su Xiaohui:Turkey is trying to play the role of an important mediator and establish a dialogue path between Russia and Ukraine. On the one hand, Turkey’s intention behind this is to hope that its current situation will be more comfortable and to get rid of the risk of being torn apart. It can be said that there are many complicated factors involved in the relationship between Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. In terms of military affairs, Turkey has cooperated with Russia on the “S-400” system despite the opposition of the United States and NATO, but in the Crimea issue, Turkey has refused to recognize Russia’s sovereignty over the Crimea region, which has made Russia particularly angry. . At this time, the situation in Ukraine is gradually heating up. As the crisis evolves, how to get along with regional countries and how to deal with itself is a more difficult issue. Therefore, to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine is in line with Turkey’s needs. Turkey also needs to shape its own regional image to enhance its influence. But for Russia, the Russian side has always ignored Turkey’s offer of mediation. The Russian side believes that there is nothing to talk about between Russia and Ukraine, and Russia is even more reluctant to fall into diplomatic passiveness. How much role can Turkey play in mediation? , Russia is also skeptical.

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