The “Ubon Flood” is heavy, the water level is 4.60 m higher than the highest water level in 2021.

Ubon Ratchathani flood situation report “The Flood of Ubon” Date 13 October 2022 as follows

1.Mun River M7 Water Level Measuring Station, Seri Democracy Bridge Riverside level is 112.0 m SRT (7 m.) Today’s water level 116.51 m.Sor Kor. (11.51 m.) Flow rate 5,745.00 cubic meters/second, an increase of 0.00 m since yesterday (stable. ) Above the highest water level in 2021 is 4.60 m.

2. Main transport routes for people traffic Affected as follows:

2.1 Route from Mueang Ubon Ratchathani District to Warin Chamrap District

– 200-year-old Seri Democracy Bridge Trail, flood above the surface traffic unable to cross the road You can travel across the deposit by boat.

– Western Bypass Route 231 is closed to incoming traffic in the Mueang Area As for the exit route, small cars cannot pass. Able to operate the victim’s transport vehicle only to pick up passengers across the deposit

– East side bypass route 231 in Chuk Bua Tha – Bua Thoeng area The water level is about 16 cm higher than the traffic surface in some periods with low levels. The water level has dropped by 3 cm since yesterday.

2.2 Interprovincial traffic routes

– Highway 226 Ubon – Sisaket, Ban Tha Lat, Huai Khayung Subdistrict, Warin Chamrap District, the flood is higher than the traffic surface, all types of vehicles cannot pass. It is recommended to use the bypass.

– Highway 23 Ubon – Khueang Nai, Ban Don Chi section, Nong Khon Subdistrict, Mueang District, flood above the traffic surface Small cars cannot pass. It is recommended to use the bypass.

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3. Provide support to victims in different areas

3.1 On a waterway from Mueang Ubon Ratchathani District to Warin Chamrap District, there are 15 boats from the PWA and its network.

3.2 On land from Mueang Ubon Ratchathani District to Warin Chamrap District There are 33 vehicles moving from the security officers and military units.

3.3 Transport of emergency patients on land, 2 vehicles, water, 2 aircraft, in aircraft, 6 rotary wing aircraft (PWA Department, 1 aircraft, NPC 56, 2 aircraft, on 21, 1 aircraft, Ministry 2 assets)

3.4 Livestock support Support a truck for transporting grass and fodder, given by the Animal Feed Research and Development Center, Tha Uthen District of Nakhon Phanom Province to be given to the Livestock Office of Warin Chamrap District to distribute to farmers in the area in the amount of 5,000 kilograms (250 bundles)

4. Reduce the impact of traffic congestion due to some transport routes that cannot normally be used

4.1 Notify government agencies government agency Consider allowing officers of government agencies that do not have a mission to serve the people directly Work outside the location of government agencies From Friday, October 7, 2022 onwards until the situation resolved. without affecting the service to the public

4.2 For educational institutions Consider closing the school for special reasons. by providing teaching and learning through the online system or arranging tuition reimbursement after the situation is resolved

5. Foresightwater situation Because today the level is starting to stabilize. and tomorrow It is expected to stabilize and decline gradually. in order If there is no storm or heavy rain

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