The UDD reiterates members of the party to combat the coronavirus – innnews

Rames Ratanachaweng, Democratic Party spokesman As secretary of the party law committee Discussed the spread of the COVID-19 virus that the party has taken measures to prevent the spread of the virus by having measures for the party personnel. Follow government surveillance measures in accordance with the requirements of COVID-19 Situation Management Center (BCC) strictly Wear a mask, cloth mask, use hand sanitiser to clean. As for the building involved in the work, the temperature is measured before entering every building. Including spacing Therefore, the party’s personnel, both political and related personnel, are urged to cancel the coalition to organize a large gathering of people who are at risk of infection. Including various seminars that are relevant, so it must be an example to the public. Not campaigning for people to follow the measures But that doesn’t mean we can do anything. Everyone in the country must help each other. Party personnel, if anyone violates the party law, the party will immediately take action according to the regulations.

At the same time, Mr Rames agreed that the government gave every province a centralized transmission of information on the COVID-19 situation in order to have centralized communication. For the unity of government news, and most importantly, the ministers in charge of information should take seriously the prevention of fake news that alarms the public.


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