The Ukrainian people are not happy with Arsenal’s birthday wishes for Arshavin.

The Gunners posted a message on their Twitter platform to congratulate Arshavin on his 42nd birthday, who made 144 appearances for the club between 2009 and 2013.

In addition to the joint message stating that “Good day to you, Andre.” Exploding divine form with 4 goals scored in the game, “Reds” Liverpool 4-4 at Anfield.

However, the post caused a lot of anger among Ukrainians who play on social media platforms. He criticized Arsenal for wishing Arshavin a happy birthday despite the former player’s homeland being at war with Ukraine.

One user claims that Arshavin works for a Russian TV station. And he also promised that he would fight for his homeland against Ukraine if he was drafted to serve the country.

While another said, “On May 28, the Russian army attacked the neighborhood of Zytomia. In the hometown area of ​​Alex Zinchenko with a missile on May 29, Arsenal sent a congratulatory message to Andrei Arshavin, Russian football player Zinchenko (Arsenal defender) and all Ukrainians. How are you supposed to feel about this?”

After a strong reaction, Arsenal managed to delete such tweets immediately. Ukrainian and other national football fans came to express their gratitude for this.

One Twitter user wrote: “Arsenal have deleted their tweet congratulating Arshavin on his birthday.” “Thank God They deleted that tweet,” added another. “Well done”


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